Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Smartie Pants

That's what Ruby's early intervention teacher called her today when she got nearly all the colors right. I am so proud of her. But it's not just for the way she is learning. It's how she manages to focus and be so sweet despite how she is feeling. She has been so good the last 2 days, even though I can tell she still doesn't feel that great. Her belly is so bloated and she tugged at her ears again today. She did get a lot more sleep (hooray) and I hope I am not jinxing it to say we slept great again last night!

She did real good with her first time with the teacher. Last week, we just talked and got to know each other. This week she worked with Ruby on colors, animals, and fine motor skills. She doesn't feel Ruby is really delayed at all. Just needs more time and work with the language. How amazing that is to hear after 20 months of hearing of her delays and supposed severe hearing loss??? I thank God every day for her and her progress and her hearing. We still have to go back to the ENT and see about her right ear. I cancelled last week's appt because there was no use when her ears were clogged up and she had an infection. So we will go next month.

I cancelled a play date today because the other little girl had a runny nose and cough. Paranoid or smart? I hated to do it cause I really like this mom and her sweet daughter. But we have been sick so much of the last 2 months that I couldn't risk any more germs entering the house! I used to laugh at Mom's that sound like me. And yet, here I am...faithful with my hand sanitizer and canceling plans all over the place. Hey, can someone please get me and Ruby a bubble until flu season is over??? :-)

Well, all for now. Mommy, Daddy, and little Miss Smartie Pants are headed to bed!


Ellie said...

So glad to hear that she's back in her crib, and Dad's back to sleeping with Mom :) One more milestone! She sounds adorable, popping her head up to check on you. I love that you asked her where Daddy should sleep, and where Ruby should sleep! Clever!

rosemary said...

I think you are smart to be protective. I am so sick right now with some kind of crazy flu/cold thing and I keep thinking "I would not want Button to have this!" It's awful to watch your child be sick. You keep doing whatever you need to do!

Jessica said...

Three cheers for Ruby. She IS a smartie pants. Hope everyone manages to stay well. Matt keeps getting a cold and I keep threatening him that if I catch it from him there will be a price to pay!

dawn said...

Frankly it comes to the point when you just have to protect the little ones. I go bonkers when we have a playdate and a kid shows up with the green nose thing happening. EEEEWWWW, we don't want it stay away!

Dang she knows more colours than Rosie. You are putting me to shame Missy! That's it, we are learning colours now, right now. LOL

Hope Ruby feels better soon...and stays that way.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

oh my dear least you make playdates!! I won't even do that until flu season is over. Hayden has no idea what it would be like to have a friend come over and play. I call it BRILLANCE at its best!!

No doubt she is a smarty pants, not surprising at all. Hope the ENT visit goes well.

Get better you all:) and hug that smarty pants for us:)

excitedtobeafamily said...

I am so glad that she is doing so well! My daughter wears a hearing aid in her right ear and it doesn't slow her down either. Truthfully she never wears it at home just at school and such!

Mireille said...

OH I lOVE reading those upbeat stories of Ruby!! YOu are smart to not have a play date right now... better safe than sorry!! You want to get out of the sick cycle!