Friday, December 23, 2011

More Pre Holiday Stuff!

This year we went with friends to a farm to get our tree. Because, you know, chopping down your own tree is more fun...hahaha. Well, ok, at least the kids thought so!  They had so much fun running around and hiding amongst the trees!
Ava & Ruby
Cuties pies posing amongst the trees
Me and my girl
Ruby loved the sweet little tree but we opted for one a wee bit bigger
Dinner later on at Bertucci's. Rubes snuggles up with her Daddy
Ruby takes a pic of us together
Daddy hoists her up to put the angel on the tree.
3 sweet girls wait for the holiday parade the next day.

This was a few weeks ago. A fun and festive weekend!

Pre Holiday Fun & Crafts

Lil miss decorating the pink tree in her bedroom
Lil snow bunny in her fuzzy boots. 
Santa came early this year with an Elf on The Shelf...
...and special note from Santa
Jeff & I have been having a ball with this thing. Ruby laughed so hard when she saw Chippy hanging upside down! Looked a little freaked though when Chippy took a picture of us sleeping one morning and then sat next to the bed with the camera. LOL. I thought it was pretty funny myself but we won't be doing that again. :-)
A little Christmas craft I am all excited about. Sparkly fairy walnuts with little charms inside! I can't wait for all the kids to open these! Ruby is gonna love hers, I bet!
My girl sporting some modern day elf wear. 
A little tree Ruby painted
Presents for the teachers...dressed with the cinnamon/applesauce ornaments we made.
A little Santa hand print craft we did. 
The table, dressed for the holiday
This year's Christmas tree.

So excited about the holiday this year! Everything is done and ready. I am so prepared (which is SO unlike me). Plans for Christmas eve in place, meal prepared ahead of time, travel plans for the weekend ready, bags packed, house cleaned, presents bought and wrapped, gifts sent out far and wide. Things are merry and bright around here! I'm also super excited about raising $300 for the children at Mercy Centre through the sale of my lullaby CD! Plus I just had a request for 10 more! Woo hoo! So happy!

Hope all my friends and family are enjoying this holiday season!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My Thanksgiving cutie in an outfit she made at school.
Thanksgiving - at my mom's with my brother David
At our cousins anniversary party. This is Rubes and I with cousin Hannah.
Horse back riding classes - early fall.
Indian summer day.
Heading out to school in her typical head to toe pink.
Peace baby!

This is the first of several catch-up posts! Stayed tuned for Disney pics and pre-Christmas fun!
Hope you all had a wonderful fall and are enjoying the holiday season!