Monday, October 31, 2011

School Parade

Rubes leading the way.
Stopping to pose for a quick shot.
All the "littles" singing a Halloween song. So cute!

The event was indoors this year and I'm happy to say we were all were toasty and warm. So cute to see all the kids in costumes, parading around and then singing their songs. Ruby was all excited when she spotted us in the audience. She was first in line and just smiled and waved the whole time. It was real sweet. She is now back with her doubt filling up on sugary snacks of all kinds. We'll have a brief sugar crash after school followed by full throttle trick or treating tonight. LOL! Should be a fun day!

Snow Day In October

Funny to read that title aloud. Even funnier to see my summer canna flowers out back, fall foliage in the front, and snow on the ground. Freaky weather around here! Still, it was fun.
Ruby BEGGED me to go in the snow Sat. I had to say no cause we were having a little Halloween party that day (and guests were about to arrive). So as soon as we got back from church Sunday, we changed clothes and went out. She was SO excited she didn't even want to go to Sesame. Only play in snow. Well, ok then! Glad I picked up a snow suit at Target just the week b4. Who knew we'd actually need it already?
Working on her snowman (well, snow WOMAN, actually)
Uh...who should I throw this at first? Mommy or Daddy?
All the girls pose with the snowman.
hehe...look at the snow - I mean - SHOW dog. 
Plotting her next snowball attack. 
Fall leaves and winter snow.
Daddy and Rubes all snuggled up waiting for hot chocolate and marshmallows.
What do ya think? A little happy with her treat? I could always tell when she grabbed another marshmallow cause she left a powdered sugar trail.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun

Had a small gathering at the house yesterday for Halloween. Fun time! The weather was crazy (Snow in October? WHAT???) but, hey, we had a fire going, lots of treats, and good friends. What more could we need?
The table
Festive snacks
Ruby & Mommy's crafts - glitter bats and pumpkins - hung everywhere
Ruby's little pumpkin's she lined up in a row.
Halloween cupcakes which were barely eaten because they sat next to my orange marshmallows. Those things go quick! Have to make more tonight for Ruby's class tomorrow.
First guest - my nephew, Ryan arrives.
All the cutie pies bear the cold for a couple quick shots. I mean, REALLY,  how often is there snow on the ground on Halloween weekend?
Cute boys getting into character.
Girlie girls having a tea party in Ruby's room
The last survivor.
A little reminder on the porch that says it IS still only Fall!
And a little reminder that when it snows sure to put it to good use!
Sign of a good party...trashed play room and pooped kiddos on the couch watching a movie. Nice night! And we all slept like ROCKS!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chilly Morning

Seeing her in her little hat just make me smile. Had to share.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Never Liked Early Mornings

In fact, I would have sworn I was allergic to them. I've always been such a night owl, preferring to clean the house or work on music (or come up with my best creative ideas) after 10 pm. But not so much lately.

Oh, I will still get up in the middle of the night sometimes and make notes about things I have to do or people I need to call. Jot down ideas when they come to me. If I can't fall back to sleep I will blog or write or check email. But lately, these early mornings are something more. Quiet time. Those "still" moments before the sun is up all to myself when I can gather my thoughts and plan for the day with a warm cup of tea in my hands. Instead of dreading the mornings, I am starting to embrace them for all the beauty they can hold.

Life has been busy lately. Since September, really just a whirlwind of activities. A lot of fall fun, family visits and birthdays. Halloween decorating, party planning, field trips, and play dates. But at the same time there have been some changes around here, too. Namely, me going back to work and Ruby having nightmares again. And with that comes lack of sleep for all of us. (Those, BTW, are not the mornings I find bliss). Mind you, I am not away that often for work. My day gigs are usually 7-3 or 7-5 so a few mornings a week Jeff will take her to school and also pick her up. I also have one band rehearsal a week from 7-9ish. She LOVES her Daddy time and is great for him. She goes down now without me there (once for Jeff this week, and once for my mom last week when I did my singing gig in the city and we were both out). Outwardly, she's been GREAT. But inwardly, she is feeling unsure again, crying my name out at night and needing me to be near. She slept with me 3 times this week. Poor thing. I hate that she worries I won't be there. Of course, we talk about it during the day and she puts on her brave face. I tell her it's okay to miss me, but to remember I ALWAYS come back and never will go away for long. Just a few hours here and there. Oh, but there is one overnight this week. Ugg. But anyway, I guess this is all normal for her age (and circumstance) and it will continue to get easier. I mean, look how far we have come from a year ago?

I am finding lately that going back to simple things helps me keep the balance. We found a new church. I started yoga again this week. I am cooking/baking a little more. Decorating for fall. Instead of trying to come up with all these super-mom activities for after school, I am simply talking and playing on the floor with her or making up silly games together and singing songs. Being in the moment. We went to a local apple orchard yesterday with her class and she came home early with me. It was such an awesome day. We just laughed and cuddled and tickled and played. Just wanna bottle up days like that.

Sure we are still crafting and we both love it. Have her Halloween pumpkin crafts hanging all over the walls. She's so proud and drug her grandparents around the room almost upon arrival to show them her art. It's so cute. Today we are gonna make black glitter bats and hang them all over the place. Doing a small Halloween party next weekend for some of her old school mates we don't get to see anymore. Should be a real fun time. Ruby was really excited when I told her we would have her friends (from last year) come over. They were all so close.

Well, I hear the husband stirring. The dog is up and the cat is at my feet. Soon, the little miss will join in on the morning procession. Time to grab a cup a'Joe and get this party started!