Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeling Lucky

Wow, what a little information can do for the spirit! Today I am feeling good with the realization (again) of just how lucky we really are. We have these beautiful up to date photos to look at every day and so much information gathered from the kind mom's that have been there over the last year. I have been piecing together the details lately and going over old emails to make sure there is nothing I missed. I realized we really know quite a bit about her life and the orphanage. Had I not "met" so many great people, we would have been completely in the dark.

 There have been so many that have come into our lives just when we needed it most. The people on the yahoo group that have answered the hundreds of questions that have popped into my head since we started this. Everything from paperwork, to what size the kids usually wear, to details about CP and other delays...I have asked and I have gotten answers and advice. The internet really is so amazing, but more-over, so are all the mom's that have reached out to help others still in the process! One in particular is Sharon. What an incredible person you are! Someone from the yahoo group saw my request for any info on the orphanages in the south and told her friend Sharon who wrote me right away. That was in March when we first heard about our daughter. Since then, she has been a friend, a support, and the reason I have any photos and up dates past the first set we got from the agency. She is always on the look-out for others and found other mom's traveling to NST that she has "introduced" to us. I thank you so much, Sharon. Just for being wonderful you!

Because of Jeff encouraging me to sign up for the yahoo group I met Sharon. Because of Sharon, I met Rachel, Rachel, and Liz. One, a lovely woman that answered my MANY questions, told me about the orphanage in detail and looked through all her pictures from her trip to find 2 for me of our daughter. The other 2 incredible mom's took time out of their first meeting with their child to look in on our daughter and take photos. And they, too, answered so many questions and filled in the blanks for us. And Liz - wonderful Liz - made a connection with someone local that actually called the orphanage for us yesterday! So yea, I am still waiting, but I also see just how fortunate I am have this information.  This is what we found out recently...

She has seen our photo! She looked at the pics with some interest, but was probably still not so sure who this "Mommy and Daddy" really are. Still it warms my heart to know that on some level she knows there is someone coming who loves her!

She is walking well! When we first got her report in May of last year she was delayed. They had to massage her legs every day and they had been very concerned that it took her so long to walk.

She is healthy except for one ear. The orphanage said she has something wrong with her ear and there is a "machine" in it. We are waiting for clarification as to whether it's a hearing aid or a tube/gromit thing for an infection. We know another child there has a middle ear infection so we think she may as well. Either way, we feel this is minor and she will be alright. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the best in the world so even if it a hearing thing, we know we can get her the best care and she will be alright. 

We found out the orphanage said she is "totally normal" otherwise. Since she was considered slightly delayed, we have never really been sure how she would be. Mentally or physically. Now we are feeling rather confident that she has caught up already and will do so even more when she is home. How incredible is that to know??? I will answer that and say VERY incredible (Mak-Mak!)

And lastly, we heard that as far as the orphanage is concerned, we can come get her. I am still seeking confirmation on this, as I want to know for sure that the medical and background has been sent to the DSDW already. But it is sounding very good. We were afraid this is what the hold up has been. Knowing it may be ready and sitting on our social workers desk is a good thing. Now, it's just a matter of time for the SW to get to it and then we are soooo there!

So little tid-bits are coming in here and there as a sign that we are not alone in this and are supported every step of the way. Equally amazing are the wonderful blogging friends that have been the biggest support I could have asked for. Nancy, Sharon, Mireille, Ellie, Rosemary, Jessica, Emily, Julie, Dawn, Terri, Carey, Julia and gosh, so many others that have been kind and helpful along the way. (Sorry if I have forgotten a name! I appreciate you ALL!) Together, we have laughed, cried, stressed, and shared. Thank you!

Yea, I am feeling lucky today. (And LOL, did you notice how long I managed to stay off the blog?)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goose Bumps!

Our group prayer the other day worked! I went into the back room just after noon on Saturday. I closed my eyes and as I began I got goose-bumps all up and down my arms! Maybe that sounds weird, but it was really a good feeling. I felt so connected. To God and to all of my friends also sharing the love. Felt like our positive energies were all going out there and hitting the stars and beyond! I somehow felt lighter that whole day and felt like everything is going to be okay now, even if it takes me awhile to get used to the new time frame (or lack of one). 

Well, if you read Saturday's post, one of the first things I asked for in my prayer was simple. Just someone to hug my daughter and let her know she is loved. We got that answered today. We just connected with someone local and she is going to get that hug and be told (in Thai) how much we love her. Is that amazing, or what?

Thanks for all your kind emails, calls, and comments. Being overworked, exhausted, tired of traveling from city to city, and being away from Jeff and home all contributed to my mood this past week. The news was hard enough, but with all the other added factors I was a bit of a mess! Today, I have gotten another sign that it is okay. So I am getting my butt to the gym, studying some Thai, and getting my head out of the adoption for awhile. Wishing you all a happy day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bubble Is Burst

I guess it happened for a reason. My bubble is now burst. The delusional state I have been in is gone. We aren't going this month or next. Reality: this could take awhile and I need to accept it.  I'm the kind of person that has always moved and taken control of my life. To have my hands tied and not be in control is a foreign concept to me! We couldn't move to FL as planned. I told my auto show agent I couldn't take any jobs past March because I would be in Thailand so now I am not booked. I really thought I would be there by then. I can't take overseas gigs. Got offered another jazz gig (this time in Hanoi) that I turned down today. Just like I turned down the opportunity to go to Bangkok again (2 years ago), and Macau, China, and India, and Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. I was so sure I was going to be pregnant at that time that I turned them all down. It feels as if I have been living in stall mode for soooo long! Every single minute of the last few years are MORE than worth it to have our daughter. I know this will just be a hiccup when we look back on it. It's just getting through the wait and trying not to plan too far ahead. Because, really we can't right now. It's a challenge since I am a major planner. 

But this I do know. There are plenty of things I CAN do that I haven't. Like go back to the gym, get in the studio and work some magic on some lullabies, finish my children's book and do some local gigs to keep my chops up and get involved with a local charity. And instead of expecting things to happen every month I need to let it go and just do what I can every single day. This is the way I have always tried to live -in the moment - but I haven't been doing that. I have been waiting for Ruby for my life to begin again. And as hard as it may be, I have to enjoy every minute of it right now.  The last 6 months in particular I have been constantly up and down and it's time for me to whole-heartedly LET GO and just live my daily life. With appreciation for all we have now and all that is coming...whenever that may be.

So you may not see me post as often (okay, well I am going to TRY not to) and I may not be up on all of your blogs all the time. I am going to be too busy living instead of dreaming and shopping till 1am and driving myself crazy! :-) And of course, you KNOW that as soon as I plan a trip, book myself like crazy, and it would be highly inconvenient to cancel and rearrange everything...THAT will be when I get my referral! But that's okay. Bring it on! I work well under pressure.  :-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Need A Little Sunshine

This morning I sit here wondering exactly how to start. Imagine, me, temporarily at a loss for words? I began the previous post to boost the spirits of my friends out there that are also waiting and to spread the love. Today, I find myself needing a huge dose of it myself. So this will be a rather sappy post in contrast to yesterdays...

We spoke with Wacap yesterday. She talked to the social worker. We are somehow not up yet and will not be presented at the next board meeting. I can't believe it. There are still 5 cases ahead of us - as they also said last month. Yet in November we were "next". Thailand seems to be in complete stall mode right now and no one seems to know why. Instead of saying we really should be getting our referral since our dossier has been in for 8 months, Wacap is now saying they have no idea. The wait time from Wacap (after dossier to getting referral) was 2-10 months and now it is 4-12. We are confused and frustrated. We know everything happens for a reason, but to still not know anything is really hard. To realize now that not only are we not getting the referral again this month but it may not be next month's tough to swallow. We thought we were so close....So yesterday was a very difficult day. I couldn't even find the words to post.

But today is another day. I need me some good group vibes so let's start sending out the love, okay? 12 noon today (whatever that time is where you live) let's say a special prayer...

For all of the many orphans worldwide to find their forever families.
For paperwork in Thailand to start moving.
For all the wonderful friends in our circle that are waiting right now to finally get their good news to have strength and patience while waiting. And for their good news to come soon!
For everyone waiting for their children that we don't know.
For our beautiful children to find their way home as soon as humanly possibly.
For those that have their new children home to have a smooth transition and a wonderful bonding experience with them.
And a huge thank you for all of those that already have their beautiful children home.

And today my own personal prayer to add to that will start something like this...

God watch over our beautiful little Ruby!
Keep her safe from harm and let her be loved by someone there. A hug, a kiss, some extra attention of any kind. We are so grateful that there is a kind student that she feels close to!
Thank you for her beautiful life. That we should be so lucky to be her parents.
I know you will send her into our arms at the right time. Please keep me strong and 
let me be an inspiration to others during the wait. As all of my dear friends have been to me.
Let me grow and learn more so that I can be everything my daughter needs and please let us get over their soon. Her precious heart needs mom and dad. And we need her.

Thank you everyone for your continued kindness, friendship, and for joining our prayer!
Peace & Love,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weekly Inspiration

"Faith goes up the stairs love has built and looks out the window which hope has opened"
Charles Spurgeon

I like this one. I have a renewed hope because we got those recent pictures of our daughter. It wasn't some random background shot from months ago (although we SO appreciated those) where we still had to fill in the blanks and wonder what she was like now. No, it is NOW! We know how she looks just this past WEEKEND and it has filled our hearts with a happiness and a peace and a little more patience. She looks great! Healthy and beautiful and even smiling! We know she is okay. The main reason she was considered "slight delayed development" was because she wasn't standing or walking for a long time. The caregivers had to massage her little legs daily. And now she is walking and talking and seems to be on target! Words can not express how grateful we are for this. We also feel she is being very well cared for. I can hardly ask for more in this moment. 

It is easier for us to look out that window and have hope today, but just days ago, that wasn't the case. That also isn't the case for a lot of families that are still waiting for word, for pictures, for any update at all. It's so difficult to understand unless you are going through the ups and downs of the adoption process. Some days are just agony. Many filled with frustration. One minute up, one minute down. So I propose a grand gesture...possibly over the top to some or an every day thing to others. I suggest a serious, group effort prayer to get our children home quickly. Those that know me well, know that I am not traditionally religious. I am, however, deeply spiritual and pray often. It doesn't matter what faith you ascribe to or where you are in the process or if you adopting at all. Love is universal and it is powerful. Let's put our hearts and minds together and move some mountains! Let's put out some positive energy!

I propose that we set an exact time for us all to pray. For ourselves and every other family waiting right now - by name, if possible - and get our kids home quickly. Are you in? How about 10 am East Coast time on Sat? Leave me a comment or email me if your in. If you are out of country you'll have to just make your best guess at time or do it some time during the day. I leave you with one more little inspiration quote to drive the point home...

"There are only 2 ways of spreading light...To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"
Edith Wharton

Let's spread light people! :-)

UPDATE: Forgot about West Coast time being so early! Let's do noon on Sat. East Coast time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mother Bridge Of Love

I left my mom an excited message at 6:30 am yesterday before boarding a plane to come home. I knew she wouldn't hear the phone while sleeping because it was downstairs and I was just dying to tell her we got pictures of Ruby. Jeff picked me up at the airport and we got home around 9 am. By the time Jeff dropped me off and left for a business meeting shortly thereafter, a car comes pulling up the driveway. Mom?? Yes, she heard the message and drove all the way from Harrisburg (about 2 hours away) to see pics of her Granddaughter! How sweet is that? She doesn't have email yet on her new computer and couldn't stand the thought of waiting all week to see her face. LOL. See where I get my patience from? :-)

Anyway, we had a great breakfast together and a really nice visit. We looked through Ruby's things and tried to decide what might still fit her (LOL).  She brought us the most beautiful and soft baby blanket (pink and green to match her room) and this book. By far, one of those most incredible books out there on the market for adoptive moms. Touching and well written. Simply stated and yet it says so much. The poem was actually anonymously submitted to the charity of the same name and encourages families to celebrate the various forms and roles of love a family provides. The illustrations are also gorgeous. I cried. Great gift, Mom!!

We also had wonderful talks with Jeff's parents, his sister, cousins, and friends. Thank you all for your excitement!

Monday, February 16, 2009

10 Little Toes

10 Little Toes
On perfect little feet
Little flat feet
On floors that are clean

Sweet little dress
With flowers and hot pink
Beautiful skin and a
Smile that makes me sing

First little smile
That we ever did see
Lights up a room
Even one across the sea

Big brown eyes
That can melt this heart of mine
Sweet little face
Brings me joy every time

New pics of you
Make a Mom and Dad smile
Knowing your happy
Makes the wait worthwhile

Gee, guess what I got today?? No, not that coveted referral, but new pictures! Something to tide us over for a little while longer and really make our day. A wonderful mom I have recently gotten to know went to NST this weekend and took pictures of our Ruby for us. Yet another act of kindness from a mom who understands. We feel so darn lucky! So many angels looking out for us while on this long and winding path to baby!

She looks healthy and oh so big! It actually took a few minutes to wrap my head around the fact that she grew so much in just a few months. She's not exactly a baby anymore. But she is a precious little girl that is growing and thriving and showing her personality in the photos. Really so great to see! She is walking well and developing great. One care giver said they she was talking, too, and she did a little "wai"! Oh so sweet, wish I would have see a shot of that! She's taken to a student that volunteers at the orphanage and is in one of the photos. It's so obvious that the student is taken with her too which just warms my heart! So good for her to be bonding to someone! Even if she isn't sure about us at first, she will have already known the feeling of bonding and is more likely to do it again. We are thrilled with all this news.

So today we are still waiting, but we are waiting with smiles on our face. Now if I could just get off the computer and stop looking at her!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I went searching for a Valentines message tonight on google. I wanted something Thai that was related to Valentines or love or sentiment. I didn't find much but found this beautiful heart necklace engraved with Thai script. It means, quite simply, "love". Hoping to get something like this in Thailand. How beautiful!

I also searched for a poem or quote that would hit home with me today. I didn't really find anything that could express the feelings in my heart.  I fought the pull on my heartstrings that plagued me all day as I witnessed one cute kid after another dressed in pink or red. I purposefully looked away from candy hearts, red sprinkles on cute little cupcakes, and pink and white balloons carried by kids in the same colors. I fought hard to not shed a tear, but I did it. Love will conquer all, I thought. We will have her soon and have all these joys and many holidays to share with her. In the meantime, I have an amazing husband who always gives me all of his beautiful heart. For him I am most grateful today! (Love you, hubby!)

I found two Thai phrases that describe our feelings exactly so I thought I would share those:

Ruk Raek Po means "love at first site" & how we felt the first time we saw her big, brown eyes.

Hua jai kong pom ben kong koon means "my heart is yours" and really, that says it all.

Love to everyone today and love to your precious little ones!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Snapping Out of It

Okay, I am climbing out of the doldrums today. I get so down some times, but I don't stay that way for long. I can't. Life is too short and there are far too many things to be grateful for. Going to try on that dreaded word  (patience) today and grab myself a better perspective. Again. 

I sit sometimes and ask myself WHY? Why are we still waiting? What is the Universe trying to tell me? What do I still have yet to do? The truth is there are still a lot of things I'd like to accomplish and learn before we get her. I thought I was learning to be patient, but evidently I still have much more to gain in that department! :-)

So here is the short list of things I can do right now to be ready for our baby and kill time...

1. Get myself in better shape. God knows, I have a weak back and some serious girly-girl arms. Time to toughen up so I can carry that precious baby of mine around non-stop. Cause seriously, how will I ever want to put her down?  Went to the gym today and had a great work out. 45 minutes of cardio and some sit-ups and weights. First time I did weights for my back in like 10 years. It was time!
2. Learn more Thai language. Time to crack down and study that Rosetta Stone more often. Also talk to my friend (who is Thai) about baby words I need to known and have her translate both a thank you letter to the orphanage and care givers and also a list of questions for me. She has agreed to do this for me and I am trying to narrow down the LONG list of questions I have.
3. Learn more baby signing. We learned a good bit but could learn more.
4. Read more. I have at least 4 more books I want to read that are sitting on the shelf and I have been meaning to get to. Toddler Adoption, Zen Guide to Parenting, a couple Baby Wise books, Super Foods for babies and kids, and a raising a toddler book I picked up recently. And then there is Skinny Bitch which I borrowed from my cousin but never finished that would help me with  #1. LOL.
5. Learn more about racism in transracial adoption and how to deal with it. Research it, join groups, etc.
6. Get to know other moms and adoptees in my area. (Just found two moms in my area thanks to the world wide web! So excited!)
7. Visit the Montessori Pre-K and get to know the teachers in my area.
8. Cook more and try out some of the healthy recipes I want to make for my daughter. Could use a refresher course on my Thai cooking as well. Muk, where are you when I need you?? :-)
9. Pray more, meditate more, trust more. Actually, this should have been first!
10. Record the children's CD that I have been wanting to do. Plan on going into the studio in March to record a few tracks and re-do the vocals that I did for our daughter back in the summer. It will be a collection of lullabies and I want to either start a charity to go with it, or donate some of the proceeds to a Thai, orphans, or children's charity. Not sure of all the particulars yet. May start my own charity so I can divide it up between a few charities near and dear to my heart. Or I may just do one for greater impact. Hard to decide, but I am very excited about the project. Was going to put it off till later, but decided the time is NOW.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day and thanking you once again for your friendship, kindness, and support!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Like Peeing On A Stick

Forgive the title, but those of you that have jumped through infertility hoops and are now (im)patiently waiting through the adoption process...well, you know what I mean. Every month you have hope. The joy, the excitement, the giddiness, the shopping, the planning. Every month you are SURE that THIS IS THE MONTH. We are going to get our baby! We are going to get that referral! Your heart is swollen as much as you thought your breasts and belly were when you were SO darn sure you were pregnant. Every month. 

And like peeing on a stick, there is the crushing blow that follows. The day each month when you realize that, no, it's not happening for you again. Perhaps the next board meeting. Perhaps another month. It can only be just one more month, right?

The feeling is the same, except now it is more intensified. You have seen her face. You have seen her grow from one photo to the next (taken months and months apart). That is, if you are lucky enough to get an update at all. You know she is growing up while you are not there. You are missing her life. SHE is missing her life. You both are missing the love and the laughter and hugs and kisses and tickles. She turned 22 months yesterday...without us. Not being there for her first birthday was so sad. Will we miss her 2nd also? I'm starting to wonder. Where is that positive attitude I held on to so tightly? Of course, I know we will get her soon and make up for as much lost time as we can. But just like someone telling you to be patient and that it will happen at the right time...that just isn't always comforting.

On an up note, I am so grateful for the friends I have met on this journey. You all continue to lift me up and give support when I need it most. Whether it's a kind word on the comments page or a personal email or phone call, it means so much.  Thank you. We also deeply appreciate the parents that have gone over to Thailand and sent us pictures of our baby. It means more than you could ever imagine. We intend to do the same for other families, so if anyone knows someone adopting from Nakhon Si Thammarat, feel free to pass on my email. We will do our best to get photos and info for them while there.

In the meantime, I am going to go pull myself up, dust myself off, and start the roller coaster all over again. Going up anyone?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Need To Be Stopped

Every time I get either real excited about our baby or real down, anxious, or impatient (or sometimes even a strange combination of all of the above) I start shopping again. We needed baby gates. We needed special locks for her bedroom windows and a stove guard. Okay, no problem. We needed a bathtub to put inside our rather large bathtub for her safety and comfort too. AND she needs to have bubble bath and bath toys, too, right? 

Well, that would have been fine if I stopped there. But no, that wouldn't be like me now would it? I did my blog reading last night and found some rather stressful articles out there. Stumbled upon some adoptees that are having a seriously tough time being adopted. One that really resents her adoptive family. Really, really sad for all involved. I'd like to think I have read enough to not make the same mistakes (like talking openly with her about everything, keeping her heritage very much a part of our every day lives, making sure we live in and send her to a school in an area that is ethnically diverse, seeking out therapy if necessary, having other friends that are adopted from Thailand, adopting another child - an Asian sibling down the road, etc). I have thought about this a LOT, but surely everyone makes SOME mistakes. How do I know if I my daughter will love us or hate us for adopting her? It's such a hard thing to think about. Of course, you never really know till later. I've read so much on this subject and think I am armed to handle the situation,... but am I? Are any of us? It really got me down last night. We love this child so much already and to think she could resent us for adopting her one day is enough to break my heart in half. I gotta believe it won't be that way and I have to stop reading so much!

Another family I read about found out their child's special needs were much, much more than they thought.  I felt so much for them and their beautiful child and then my wondering mind had me thinking of how our daughter was and if there would be any surprises turning up on her medical. I was up till 1 am and in my stress and worry I turned to online shopping again. Here are the results of my anxiety. Someone please tell me to get off the computer!
Asian learn-to-dress doll. Cute and educational. I needed it, right?

Multi-cultural family for dollhouse play. This is a GREAT site BTW, and not my fault if you buy something! In fact, it was another blogger or adoption group person who posted this and got me in trouble. Let's blame her. :-)
These are the international food sets from Pottery Barn Kids. So. Darn. Cute. Made of fabric, not plastic and very realistic looking. The Japanese one above is still available online, but the Chinese one is only at a few stores who have them left. Not Thai, but close enough to the kind of food we eat and hope she will eat. Hope being the operative word. We are going to try to do as much fruit, veggies, rice, and fish as possible. That is what she is eating now so we hope to continue the healthy eating routine with her. At least until she is older. We'll see how that goes!

One last thing...our social worker mentioned it would be a good idea to get a book about an airplane or plane rides to explain to her while in Thailand. Found a bunch on Amazon, but these 2 spoke to me the most.

So you see my dilema? So much to buy, entirely too much time waiting! What's a girl to do???Please, if I mention something else I am looking at gently tell me to step away from the computer at once!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Home Visit #2 & Other Exciting Tidbits

Our home study social worker, Cindy.
Jeff and Cindy over coffee, cake, and paperwork.
Baby stuff washed and ready for her arrival!

Well, it's been awhile. I bet you all wondered if I had fallen off the face of the earth! Between the cold/flu, the very busy Philadelphia Auto Show, AND getting ready for our second home study, it's been an EXHAUSTING week! HOWEVER, it's been a very good week. Especially, after I started feeling better! Not usually one to take a lot of medicine, but I highly recommend the Z-pack. Think I will try to get one to take along with us to Bangkok...just in case!

Today Cindy from Adoption Horizons came for our second home visit. It was really nice morning and we had great long chats about everything from the first week home, to tips for Thailand and things to help her sleep at home - like having white noise, NOT rocking after awhile so she remembers being put in her crib and where she is, etc. Jeff cleaned the house yesterday while I was working (God bless him!) so all I had to do is get up, shower, do some dishes, and bake some yummy gingerbread cake - both to eat and to smell up the house. :-)  I couldn't have timed it better and when she got there the cake just came out of the oven, coffee made, the table was cleared and all of Ruby's baby dishes and bottles were washed and drying by the sink. Been meaning to wash them for weeks now as they have just been piled up on the counter. (So great to be washing her bottles!) I told her to take a good look around at how the place looks now because the NEXT time she visits it will probably be total chaos and she'll be tripping over toys! LOL! 

The whole meeting went great and the home study just about done! She will write up the report on her end and we'll call our local USCIS office to give them a head's up it is coming. Then we just wait for that referral, correct or update things with Cindy if needed, then she'll send to the USCIS office. It takes a few weeks to process, but since it also takes a good few weeks to get travel dates after referral, I think we will be good to go. Perfect timing for all of it!

Now speaking of that referral...Kate from Wacap finally got an email back from Thailand. They are submitting their next group of families for referrals at this week's board meeting (on the 11th). Yay! We HAVE to be in that group! Our dossier has been in, officially, since June.Our agency really feels like we will be getting it soon. Sometimes the social workers will give Wacap a head's up that the referrals are coming and for whom, but they also may just mail them and we won't know for a couple weeks. Like everything else, we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we have other great news...

Another family is going to Nakhon Si Thammarat! Thanks to my dear friend, Sharon, that found her on another adoption group, I "met" this wonderful mom and have been corresponding with her. She is going to try to get a pic of our daughter for us and look in on her! We are SOOOO excited! To think that in a week from now we could be staring at an updated photo of our baby! The last photo we have is from September. In it she's 18 months and she will be 22 months on Wed. - the day of the board meeting. This mom is going to try to find out how she's doing and what size she is and all that good stuff. What a gift to find this person! We are going to meet in Thailand in a few months when it's our turn and will be able to thank her in person. Such a small world. Such an amazing, wonderful, small world.

So a lot has been going on around here lately. Jeff & I have both been working non-stop. Getting closer to Thailand and our little girl every day. I am tired, but I am happy. Perhaps a lot like our state of existence when Ruby first gets here, right? Everything we do lately seems like good practice for the days to come. Perhaps it's just because there isn't a minute that goes by that we aren't thinking of her. Talking about her coming home with Cindy today was really exciting. The next time we see her will be with our baby in our arms!

Thanks, everyone, for the well wishes when I was sick!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Well, the winter weather and my crazy schedule has gotten the best of me. Really, it was probably from all those sleepless nights in Detroit that got me run down, but I like to blame it on winter. It's just too cold!! I've got a really bad flu/cold and it had me in bed all day on Saturday. Urrrgh. I had to take a day off of the Philadelphia Auto Show on the first public day. Been taking O-doses of Emergen-C and started antibiotics. I finally feel a bit better today, thank God!

The good news is Jeff got home on Saturday and was such a sweetheart. Totally took care of me. Ran out and got me hot soup and teas and nasal spray. I knitted half a scarf while laying around unable to breathe and watched a great old movie with Jimmy Stuart and Grace Kelly called Rear Window. Fantastic film. It's a classic and I always wanted to see it. 

It's so nice having Jeff home and working a show from home so we can be together. There's nothing better than snuggling up next to him on the couch...even on football night. :-)