Friday, March 30, 2012

Party Pics!

Adorable birthday girl, Brie
My Rubes
Bday girl starts the "fashion show" after they all got hair and (light) make up done.
Cuties came out one by one.
Love this little one clomping around in Ruby's play heels. So darn cute.
All the little glamour girls post for a shot.
And then again.
Playing pass the tea pot.
Silly girlies.
Eyeing up the skittles
How I love these two. 
Skittles on a spoon relay
Cheering the others on
Loved watching them. They had so much fun with this game.
All the littles on my porch. We lucked out with really nice weather that day, too! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Party Central!

Well, I did it. After thinking about going into party planning for some time, I finally decided to do it! The website is still not up but I registered the name and blog. Will post the link when it's ready!

Been busy this month getting ready for 3 parties and 2 holidays. Helped with a friend's party we held here last weekend, have Ruby's coming up in a few weeks, and my 1st official client's party is the week after. A spa party for 18. Having so much fun! My business will be a trifold. The 1st part - party planning, personal shopping for everything, and basically getting the party together. The 2nd part - home made party decorations . And the 3rd will be items for home - baby and children's room things.

So here are a few of my pretties!
Fabric banner, backdrop, and tulle pom poms for Ruby's mermaid party. 
Invites for Ruby's party
Invites I made for the spa party I am doing next month.
Buffet or Name cards for spa party
This is how I delivered them. With a simple lavender ribbon. I liked it. :-)
Made a zillion pom poms.  A dozen for the spa party, a bunch for Ruby's, and pink for the tea party we did last weekend.
My grandest accomplishment: spa towel wraps! So excited about these! Tried to price up for my client but they were all so expensive. Found the towels for a great price at Walmart and made them myself. 16 so far...2 more to go! That new sewing machine is getting a LOT of use! Besides the wraps, I made a table cloth, a pillow case, and 2 dresses for Rubes. Oh, and the banners!
Here is the bday banner for the spa party

and the one I made for Ruby's BFF. This pic was taken b4 it was done. I so loved the fabric in the center, I'm going to attempt making Ruby and Easter dress with it. LOL, Wish me luck!
Water bottle labels
Here's that banner when it was done. Not the best pic, though.
I'm making welcome and station signs for all the parties. Found cheap 50 cent frames at the flea market and painted them in pastel colors.
Tea party set up for Brie's party. It was such a fun time. 

And the best part of throwing pretty parties for sweet girls? THIS:
Can't wait until Ruby's!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

And we are LOVING it! Really, it's been the BEST WINTER EVER around here so this early Spring is  like an added bonus. We love cooking out, being outdoors, and picking flowers. Took advantage of the beautiful day and Ruby's playful mood and did a little impromptu photo shoot in the yard.
Loves "wish" flowers. Made a wish for all her family and friends to be happy and safe. How sweet!
LOL, I love how she has a little wish flower stuck on her lip here. This was like her 10th one.
Picking some daffodils
Can you tell she was WAY excited to be sitting in this tree?
Love it. All girl, but not afraid to get a little dirt on her behind.
Fascinated by her "dandy-lion"
Silly lil miss
and she just got sillier from there...
...and sillier...
...and sillier!
Wanted to do a tree pose by the tree. (They do yoga at school. Love it!)
My lil tree hugger. LOL.

Happy Spring to you and yours! Enjoy the beauty!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Simple Solutions!

Been a busy bee over here. Making storage solutions for everything from bows and wings to those pesky hair bands that end up everywhere. 
Found 3 cute flower hooks at TJ Maxx for all the girlie accessories. Added 2 more long ribbons to Ruby's bow holder (left) with a staple gun. Easy breezy. Seriously, is there anything you can't do with a glue gun, staple gun, paint, and a sewing machine? I love it! The hooks were super cheap because one of the front flowers were missing so I hot glued buttons on it. Wala! Like new!
This is my favorite thing yet. 2 minute solution (hang over door and stuff) that saves me so much time in trying to hunt down hair bands!
Here is the whole closet with both of the over the door storage things in place. One for shoes, one for accessories. Hooray!
Took an old beat up stool I found and painted it, put some batting on it, covered in pink minky and staple gunned it on. Then trimmed with some cute balls and hammered on with upholstery tacs. Now Rubes has a good stool for climbing in bed, turning on the lights, etc.
My special flee market find! $15 old desk. I absolutely love it! Especially the storage areas on the side. There are 2 on the other side, also! Been remaking the room upstairs for my crafting and sewing and this is a perfect addition to the room! Will post pics of that soon, but the floors still need painted. Putting it off until after the birthday parties I am planning. Ruby's, my brother's, and my 1st CLIENT! More on that soon, too.  Doing a spa party for her daughter and having a BALL planning it!
And I leave you with a few shots of Rubes. Busy painting away.
I love this one! Did it totally on her own (including writing her name). I came in and she said "Look, Mommy! It's a rainbow slide!" :-)  She's into everything rainbow right now.
Simple Spring craft I found online: a bird feeder
Spread peanut butter on a paper towel holder (I cut in half) then roll in bird seed and hang with a string.

Happy Spring everyone! It's just about here!