Monday, August 31, 2009

Showered With Love

The most beautiful cake I have ever seen! I cried at the site of it! Of course, I teared up a lot yesterday, but it was tears of great joy! Our dear friends Charlsey and John threw us the most amazing co-ed shower yesterday afternoon! 

It was a wonderful day spent with some awesome people. So much love and excitement in the room! No detail was left undone. The food was great - and there was tons of it - complete with a yummy chocolate fountain! Charlsey and John stayed up till 2am the night before to hang butterflies all over the place. Butterflies we get to keep and hang in the playroom! My mom got that gorgeous cake (which tasted as good as it looked) and was in charge of the favors. Leave it to my mom to come up with something so cool and unique. She had red M&M's special made that said RUBY on them! Is that cute or what? Then she put them all in little sheer red pouches and added some red Lindt chocolates. Hard to see in the picture, but really such a nice idea! You rock, Mom!

Charlsey has a special chair for me to sit in while I opened the gifts and got Ruby an adorable pink Princess chair that every kid at the party tried out throughout the course of the day.  She had a crafty friend make a "shower" tree with baby pins and pacifiers all over it. What a wonderful person she is. Went out of her way to make everything so special for us! Charlsey & I started "trying" at the same time years ago before she had Ava. She's really been through this whole long process with me from the beginning. Her & her hubby are just wonderful people.

We got tons of great stuff for Miss Ruby. Diapers, wipes, pink hangers, a hamper, bath stuff, super cute towels with hoods (a butterfly and a pink cat), wash cloths, toys, toy bins, a doll stroller, cute wooden pots & pans, art & crafts stuff, books,...and probably a few things I am forgetting right now. I was glad Jeff was there to see everything and join in. Heck, why should the girls get all the fun? ALL the gifts were just so great and thoughtful, but there were a few that really got me the most.
1. From my mom - a simple small box. Inside, a single loose Ruby. 
2. From my mother in law - a beautiful necklace for Ruby with ruby-red fairy dust.
3. From my father in law - thoughtful & fun little things to take on the trip - bubbles that are still wrapped in plastic & won't spill in my suitcase and glow sticks. I know I will thank you a million more times when those glow sticks amuse her on a hard night or the bubbles help her out of a meltdown! (My in-laws have also helped us quite a bit with our trip!)
4. And cuter than cute...a hand made card from my nephew Ryan. He wrote "Ruby" at the top and drew a heart and wrote Ryan at the bottom. Had Minnie Mouse, a female duck (Daffy's wife?) and a female dinosaur sticker on it. He told Melissa, we have to put THESE stickers on cause it's for a girl! He's so cute! He wanted to be my helper and was an angel helping me with all the gifts. When they were leaving I gave him a hug and thanked him for helping me. I said, don't tell anyone, but your card was my FAVORITE present! He pulled back and gave me this shocked and somewhat concerned look. He said, "IT'S FOR RUBY!"  (As in, NOT FOR YOU! LOL!)
Many smiles...

Many emotions...
Lots of fun...

A good time had by all!

It was an amazing day and the best part was celebrating with the incredible people that we are lucky to call family and friends. It was so great to see how much they already love our Ruby. Everyone is soooo excited! And let me tell you, so are we!!! Thank you Charlsey & John for hosting such a wonderful day. Thank you Mom, Larae, Woody, Melissa, LuAnna, Llara, Sandy, Werner, Lisa, Kelly, Devan, Eric, Denis, Hannah, Ava, Logan, Tracey, Dave, Danica and Wayne. 


Saturday, August 29, 2009


Still just walking on air. A little stressed. A wee bit nervous. But mostly, happy as can be!
The trip is booked! Except for Phuket. Gonna have to play that one by ear. Here is a quick low down:

Sept 11 - leave on Hubby's birthday!
Sept. 12 - arrive in BKK 
Sept 13 - fly to NST and meet our daughter! 
Sept 14 - meet orphanage director and probably take her with us!
Sep 17 - back to BKK
Sept 18- meet with Nuanthip (our sw) to start paperwork
Sept 23 - board meeting
Sept 24-Oct 2nd - BKK &/or a trip to Phuket in there somewhere. Depends on paperwork timing.
Oct. 2nd  - fly home!

We are sooooo lucky to have a contact down in NST! I told Anna my concern about just taking her away from all she has known the day of our first meeting. I felt that a visit on Sunday the 13th would be so helpful if we were allowed. She called the orphanage and they okayed it! We are going for a visit on Sunday! 2 weeks from tomorrow!!!!

I am so excited, but my mind is racing. Hoping I'll remember everything. Wondering how I'll be on no sleep. Wondering how she will be that first night together in the hotel and how she'll feel about us. So much to think about. I mean, I know it's gonna be fine. I really do. Even if it's tough at first it's still gonna be so great just to be with her. Just to be the ones that get to hold her and wipe her tears when she's crying. It's gonna be amazing to meet this little person we've been dreaming about for so long! And did I mention it's all gonna happen in 2 weeks??? Surreal!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini Shower

Been so busy I forgot to post about my mini-shower with my friends in NY. Tammy, Sherry, Kimi, & I all got together for lunch last week and they showered me with some sweet gifts for Ruby....a princess pop-up tent, crayons, drawing paper, Disney Tinkerbell book with reader wand, and a tracing book. So nice! Great lunch and always wonderful to hang with them. Thanks, girls!!! 

We also got 2 huge boxes delivered yesterday. I opened them up to find a great crafts table and two cute little chairs for Miss Ruby. The card said, "To Ruby: I Love You, Uncle David". So sweet! It was my mom's doing, of course. (Thanks, Mom! We have it put together and it's awesome!) Below is my brother Dave on a recent visit to Harrisburg. Him and Jeff are just hanging out for a bit at City Island with Chloe.

We have been busy, busy, busy the last 3 days! Just plowing through the to do lists. Trip is 99% booked, paperwork complete, house projects getting there, playroom near done, most of the gifts bought. Not packed yet. Lots of piles laying around though! More details on trip soon!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Magical Number of 3

3 little weeks till our little one we meet!
3 happy people - soon a happy family!
3 beautiful Thai Cities - BKK, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Phuket
3 amazing weeks that we will never, ever forget!

Monday, August 24, 2009


I no sooner hit the publish button on the last post when my cell phone rang. WACAP. Oh my gosh, I thought. Could this really be it? IT IS!!! I mean, IT WAS! Kate got our To Whom Letter and we are going to the September 23rd board meeting!!!!!! I can hardly believe it. I am so amazed that this moment has finally come! We are SO happy right now that words can not really define it. Jeff just said yesterday that he felt we were gonna get the call early this week and be at that meeting. He was right! Poor Kate, I let out a shriek so loud, I think I nearly deafened her! I cried, then laughed, then cried again. Jeff heard me yelp and ran downstairs. He knew. We are soooo happy! In just 3 short weeks we are going to be holding our dear sweet child! It's just too incredible for words. 
Gotta go make calls, look for flights and start packing! OMG, we are packing for Thailand!!!!!!!

Unexpected Email

No, not THAT one. Still waiting for news from Thailand and refusing to let myself get down or think about it for very long. But what I did get was a very kind and complimentary email from Father Joe Maier at Mercy Centre. What a nice guy to take the time to write me personally! This is what it said:

Dear Maci

 You are absolutely fabulous. I am so grateful to you for the beauty you bring to the world with your music and thank you so much for thinking of us and our children.

 Prayers    fr joe! This is the priest whose book I read a year ago and so admire and respect. I vowed to meet him one day and thank him for what HE does for those kids and families and here he is thanking me for my little 'ol CD.  He is so selfless and giving. I am really touched...and highly motivated to get this CD done and out and selling like hot cakes! Today I have the fun job of tackling the technical gobbley-gook. That means looking up all the publisher info for each song and paying for mechanical licenses to use their songs on my recording. Then I have to figure out what I want the inside jacket to say and how to set up the whole jacket design. Discmakers will help a lot with that and they do a great job. Hope to have the whole thing done and on the market before we go. Maybe even have the first check to deliver to Mercy when we get there! And of course, I'll bring CD's for the kids!

I asked Father Joe about singing for them. Either personally - one on one - or if he wants me to put on a little show for them. I think I still have enough contacts over there that I can find a musician to do it with me. So we'll see. We will have Ruby with us then, so we'll have to see how she does with us and if she could handle Mommy being way "over there" singing for an hour or so. Maybe she can be right beside me or maybe Jeff will just hold her a bit. I think she'll be okay and may have fun being around all the other kids. Boy, our trip to Thailand is going to be so incredible. In a million big and little ways. The trip of a lifetime and an amazing start of our new little family!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Waiting and Doors

"To those who wait, time opens every door" Ancient Chinese Proverb

"The period of greatest gain in knowledge and experience is the most difficult period in one's life. Through a difficult period you can learn; you can develop inner strength, determination, and courage to face the problems." ~ the Dalai Lama

I lifted these quotes from another blog I saw today and, well, even though I just did an inspirational quote, they both were just too darn appropriate to not pass on. Many doors are opening. Many new beginnings are about to begin. And many things have been learned and experienced during the wait. Keeping my chin up this weekend. We are nearing the end of the wait. Now is not the time for discouragement! Now is time for excitement and anticipation!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekly Inspiration

"When you are down, the best thing you can do is help someone else"
This was quoted by a friend I had the great pleasure of talking to last night. So true! She was telling me this in reference to someone else she had spoken to, but it rang true for me just the same. I had just been thinking that all day yesterday. I found my charity for the CD and noticed what a spring I had in my step! When I first started looking into it, I found that many charities here in the US have big legal departments, finance departments, and boards of directors that you have to pass through in order to actually give them money in this way and put their name on your CD. It had never occurred to me that someone wouldn't want to be associated with an unknown, independent artist. LOL. Well, I was disappointed, but still determined to find someone that would.

I wrote a letter to a charity very near and dear to my heart...Mercy Centre located in Bangkok. They wrote me back right away (yesterday morning). They said they liked my music and were happy for me to do it! So we are off to a great start! I know who is getting the money now and have a good clear cut goal in mind. There's nothing like seeing pictures and videos of those children (and hearing their stories) to motivate you to sell a zillion CD's! We are going to visit them when we get to Thailand and of course deliver some CD's to the orphanages. I'm so happy to be doing this and it's funny how helping someone else makes you forget all your troubles and puts things into perspective.

I don't have problems. Not really. Sure life is stressful and it is hard to wait for our child, but there are many families who have waited so much longer. We know she WILL be coming home and she WILL be safe and protected until we get there. She is not sick, not starving, not destitute like so many children out there. I am thanking my lucky stars for Ruby, for her health and all we have in our life. 

I posted about Mercy Centre on the new blog
and you can also go to their website to learn more. Wishing you all a happy weekend!
Jen (aka Maci Miller!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Updated Home Study Reaches Bangkok!

FINALLY! I am so relieved. Although, the big news has not come yet (meaning that letter and travel dates) I am so happy to know that the BKK office finally has all our necessary paperwork. I have been going back and forth with the National Visa Center and US Embassy office in BKK for weeks now trying to figure out why on earth they didn't get it. We were starting to get a little concerned that someone lost it or something. Well, low and behold, we got an email from BKK yesterday saying they have it and that the next step in the process is filing our I-600 form with supporting documents. That is what we do when there. Let's just hope that is very soon cause my patience is starting to wear out a bit here. Trying hard to stay positive and focused today. At least the paperwork end of things is worked out. One less thing to worry about and  one more step closer to the end of the process.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy = Sane

Okay, while I am (im)patiently waiting...I've been working on a few things. For one I have 3 pre-schools lined up to visit, all the paperwork filed with the int'l adoption clinic at CHOP, a local CHOP doctor picked out, and found a great pediatric dentist. Typed up a contact list for the fridge with all their numbers plus the grandparents, the nearest hospital, poison control, neighbors, etc. Almost all the adoption forms we have to take with us are done except one that I have questions on when I can nail down Kate. They are in 3 neat binders under the categories US EMBASSY DOCUMENTS (everything Embassy needs), IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS (birth certificates, marriage license, and everything else) and TRAVEL GUIDE & THAILAND INFO (maps, hotel, airfare info & itinerary when we have it). Every document in a plastic shield. Nice, neat, and organized. 4 copies of everything. 1 full copy will be locked in hotel safe when we get there.
Well, I'm guessing you have noticed my new music player. I finally figured out how to get my new songs on here!  Feel free to turn it off after awhile or switch to a different song. These are just 4 of the 11 songs on my new CD entitled Butterfly Moon. It's a collection of lullabies and sweet songs for bedtime and quiet time. The title track is the song I wrote for Ruby.  More info on the new blog:

I also started working on my fashion blog again. I just wrote about the art I bought for the playroom. The artist is Edie Pijpers and her work is available on EdieArt. LOVE her! Her work is so beautiful and sweet that I had a tough time picking only a few! You can check out my favs HERE.

So that's what I've been up to the last couple days. All things to occupy my mind and help me temporarily forget where my heart lies on the other side of the planet.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Music

Now that I know our little Ruby is hearing pretty good and likes to sing and dance I decided it was time I get her some tunage! I figure, she must have heard music if she likes to sing and dance so why not pick up a few CD's and be ready? This music loving momma has done quite a lot of research before doing her own CD and has heard the good, the bad, and the ugly! Out of all that I heard, many stood out. Check out for a really great selection and unique finds. There were 2 CD's I just HAD to have and they just got here today! I love Putumayo Records. All of their stuff is so hip/cool/eclectic/worldy... and did I say cool? So I picked up the Asian Dreamland CD. Beautiful, dreamy, calming. Just what I need. Uh, I mean, what Ruby needs. 

But the other CD that I just KNEW I would love is Miss Ella's Playhouse featuring non other than the most fabulous singer ever (okay, in my opinion) - Ella Fitzgerald. She takes Old MacDonald and makes it this jazzy, fun masterpiece! LOVE Ella! Her "A-Tisket A-Tasket" has always been a fav but the whole CD is fun and silly, all the while hearing seriously great big bands and Ella's vocal wonder. Very cool kids CD, indeed. You can not NOT be happy listening to this CD. I can just see me and Miss Ruby be-bopping around the kitchen! 

And BTW, I am better today. I realize how lucky I am to even have these updates. I also realize she is going to be okay and it's not too much longer. So I set aside my woe, and plowed through my to-do list today. Got a lot done. Doing lots of positive things like working on the CD project, talking to pre-schools and doctors about our little Ruby, and going to the gym. Most of all, I am having faith the news will come soon. Thanks for all of the support!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My baby needs her Momma. She needs us to be there. She needs to be held and loved. To be coddled when she is scared/tired/happy/sad/sick. Her crib is old. There is paint chipping off all over. Praying it's not lead paint. The walls behind the crib look dirty. It's the first part of the place I've seen that looks dirty and it is the room she sleeps in. The room is sparse. Clean floor, but tattered cribs and nothing to look at. At least it is light and airy and painted pink. There are no personal items in the cribs. The toys are kept up and the children had no real reaction to seeing them until someone made a fuss. She looks tired and has a runny nose. I am not there to wipe it. My heart is breaking as I pour over the new pics sent to me tonight. Not that I am not grateful. I truly am. She looks so sweet and it's amazing to have so many pictures of her. The kindness of this mom to spend time with the children, take pictures, and hold them and play with is an incredible gift. 

But this Momma is emotional tonight. Working on my CD project and blog have been a good distraction - as was our family weekend. But this sad, nagging feeling has been lurking underneath the last few days. Been fighting it with all my might, but the pics just sent me over the edge and then burst the dam that has been building up. I think I get into denial mode at times. I see good news and say, "Well, of course, we are getting some too!" I see pics of my daughter in cute dresses (and obviously prepped for visitors) and I think "Oh, it's not that bad! She's okay. She is getting such great care! And look how clean it is!" Then I get pics that snap me back to reality. She is in an orphanage. It's not home. It may be (mostly) clean but it is not warm and fuzzy. The kids don't know how to play with a ball. How heartbreaking is that? The nannies do a good job with the necessities, but it is all they can do to get the kids through their daily routine. There is no time carved out for ball playing.

I know there is a light at the end of this tunnel. For our daughter will not live this way for long. I pray the end of her wait is soon in sight. And ours. We still have no TWIMC letter and the USCIS BKK office still has not received our updated home study - even though the National Visa Center said they cabled it to them July 20th. I know these things will work out but tonight I am just sad. I am sad for my baby that needs a hug right now and the Mom that needs to give it so bad.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekly Inspiration

"Don't  just think about being of service to others - take action! Find out how to make TODAY the most meaningful day of your week!"

Found this nice little quote on Boy, is she one amazing lady! Signed up for her Angel Network and was literally brought to tears by the number of amazing programs and charities they contribute to. It's just beautiful. Been thinking about charity a lot lately and how to do more, serve more, and get my CD to the right organization so that I can really do as much as possible with it. My original goal was to try to sell 5,000-10,000 on my own through,, local and online retailers, and maybe some gift basket companies that do baby shower gifts and then just start my own charity or give to my favorites. It's a lofty goal to do on my own, but not impossible, I don't think. But now I am setting my sites even higher. I can still do it myself - a few cd's at a time - but I am also going to try to get in with a major store or distributor. Decided that TODAY IS THE DAY FOR SOMETHING WONDERFUL TO HAPPEN.  I went to the gym, started a new diet, am researching charities for CD and looking into local charities where I can volunteer. I am going to order a short run version of my CD today and put together a press package to pitch my ideas near and far. Going to make a difference, spread some love, and lull some kiddos to sleep in one swoop!  Yea!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sleepless in Philadelphia

And bored. And restless. And checking my in box relentlessly. So I figured, well, while I am on here...maybe I should finally change the blog. Already "tried on" half the blogs at hotbliggityblog. So many great designs and, hey, they are free! I think I like this one. So far. But don't get too attached to it yet cause I'm having fun trying them all! I know I really need to change that main photo, but I so love that picture cause it was taken in Thailand. We were in Chiang Mai at the Oriental's then-new resort called Dhari Devi. It means Star Goddess and let me tell you it was fit for a goddess. A beautiful place. Just stunning and the Lanna food and hospitality was amazing. Stay posted for more changes and hopefully news before I go completely stir crazy!

Name Game & Email

Okay, so some of you might have noticed the new "profile" information I have listed. I am getting ready to release my new CD of lullabies this fall, and I'll need to use my professional name and photo on that for now on. (Sorry for any confusion!) I just formed a new blog to promote the CD and will open it to the public soon. The new CD "Butterfly Moon" is comprised of all lullabies and quiet time music for little ones. It will benefit little ones too! Much of the proceeds will go to a charity that helps orphaned children world wide. More on that soon.

In other news...there is no news. I am getting antsy and trying hard not to think about it. Had a nice weekend with family so that helped! Still, I am back to checking email morning, noon, and night. Where is that letter?????

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Holy Cow! It's Raining Referrals!

Wow! There is good news all over the place! Found out one more family whose blog we follow got some good news this week! So far, here is all that happy news going on in blog-land (as far as Thailand adoptions):

1. Nancy & John - got referral! Being presented at one of the next board meetings!
2. Ellie & Eric - being presented at next board meeting (might have been yesterday!!)
3. Rosemary & Brian - got referral last month!
4. Terri & Chris - got referral last month!
5. Kam & Jason - got TWIMC letter (finally!) and soon ready to travel!
6. Pani & Dan - leaving for Thailand this week!
7. and now...Nicole & Craig from Canada...just got their referral!

Geez, did I forget anyone? I sure hope not! We are so happy for everyone and hoping we run into you in Thailand!  Woo-hoo! Thailand's social workers are really on the move! Keep movin' ladies...I need me some travel dates! 

SPECIAL NOTE: Just got an email from Travelocity with some great airfares! I have BKK marked as a fare watcher alert. Prices just dropped from when I looked last week...many under a $1000! Need travel dates STAT!

One Year, 8 Months

...since we started this journey. That's what the ticker says anyway. I'd sware is was at LEAST 3 years cause that sure is how it's felt at times! Actually, some days it felt a LOT longer! I must say, though, since we got the referral, it's gone really quick. I mean, here it is AUGUST already! If we get board dates soon, we may actually still leave yet this month! Pretty amazing to see how far we have come. Here are some new stats:

1-2 weeks = How long we think it will take to get those travel dates. (Fingers crossed!)
3-8 weeks = Hopefully, this is the longest we will have to wait yet to go get our baby.
3-8 weeks = Time it will take until every dream will come true!
3 weeks = Amount of time we plan on being in Thailand.
4-5 days = Days we hope to be in baby's home town, Nakhon Si Thammarat.
50-60= Number of Thai words I have memorized so far. 
1= Number of full sentences I can say in Thai. Unless you include Sawadee ka, Sabai dee mae ka? Okay, I guess that is two even though more a greeting. It means: Hi, how are you? The other is Paw Kup Mae Rock Luk Mak. Means: Dad and Mom love you very much. Learned that for her build-a-bear and it is now permanently etched into my brain. Wish the rest of it was!
29 = How high I can count in Thai before looking at my cheat sheet. What the heck is after yee sip gao? Oh! Maybe 30 is sam sip? Anyone? (I better go get the chart!)
8,443,236 = Approx. no. of Thai words left to learn! LOL!

Better go study!

NOTE: It is sam-sip for 30! I had forgotten a word above also and just caught it. 29 is actually yee-sip-gao (sometimes said more like kow). Anyway, I obviously have much more to learn!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Warm & Fuzzy Feeling

Jeff and I had such a sweet evening last night. I shared all the good news with Jeff over dinner, we watched a good old B&W movie, talked about Ruby, then went up to her room. We poured over all her books for hours and talked about which ones we liked and how we thought she'd like them. It was so fun. How I love my hubby. He was so cute reading some of those books. I can just picture him reading to Ruby! We went over all the bathroom words in her Thai 4 Kids book and, lol, realized we still have so far to go with our Thai! But it was such a nice night. Mommy & Daddy are so ready to meet you little one!!!

Her room is so light and airy we decided to crash in there for the evening. We have to get used to that anyway, cause that is where we are moving when she gets here. When I woke this morning, I sat up and was staring straight at her crib. She's going to be in there! Her sweet face is going to greet me each day! How can I not feel warm and fuzzy?

(UPDATE: We have a queen bed in Ruby's room for us to sleep on. LOL, this is added for Terri!)

Monday, August 3, 2009


Two wonderful and dear friends got great news today!!! Nuanthip is back in action and getting things done! I am so happy to hear it! The two of them are going to be presented at one of the next 2 board meetings! Very good chance of us all traveling together or near the same time. It's so wonderful and I am just overjoyed for them! Of course, I emailed Kate about 2 seconds after hearing from the first friend to see if she heard anything about our case. She didn't yet, but is going to email her today specifically about us. Five minutes later I heard from the 2nd friend. It's so exciting! We are all so close!!! We've already been presented so, as far as we know, that letter could already be in the mail. Hopefully, she'll get a response back in a couple days and we'll be on our way! I am feeling very good about it.

So happy today! Doesn't matter if there wasn't news on our case. Good news for one of us is good news for all of us. We are in this together. Families are getting ready to travel and every single thing Nuanthip accomplishes moves us all a step in the right direction. I KNOW we are going soon. And I KNOW our baby is doing okay. I got another email from Anna today, too! I had always wondered about the care package we sent since we were asked to send another photo album. Anna called the orphanage for us and said that yes, they got all the things we sent. They show her the photo album and said that she likes to play with the doll, looks at the pic of dog, and reads the picture book with Lily! How great is that to hear? I have been nothing but smiles and day dreams all day!

UPDATE: Yet another great family got good news yesterday...and are traveling NEXT WEEK! We are so excited for them!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Music In The Making

I've been on cloud nine the last few days thinking about Ruby. How she can hear and how she likes to sing and dance! There are so many things in this world I want to share with her, and of course, music is one of them. To know she will not only hear, but also enjoy one of life's great makes my heart sing! On our last trip to Thailand, we bought a few very cool instruments. Honestly, I don't know what I really intended to do with them, except to hang on the wall. Now we have this beautiful child to share them with and I'm so glad we have them!

In Bangkok, we bought a mini gong. It's called Kong Mong for the "mong" sound it makes. It's hanging in my Thai powder room. Yea, I know. A Thai bathroom? What can I say? I came home with a bunch of unique things and art but had run out of decorating space!

In Chiang Mai we bought a small violin of sorts called a Saw U. We found it at Doi Suthep, a very beautiful temple up on a hill. This also is currently hanging on the wall and may just stay there for a couple years till Ruby gets older. Love how the opening is shaped like a heart!

Here is a pic I found of some girls actually playing one. I can't make music on the thing at all, LOL. Hoping Ruby has more skill with it than I!

We bought this cool xylophone at a teak factory in Chiang Mai. They call it a Ranat Ek. I'll be supervising her closely with those sticks, though, so she doesn't poke an eye out...hers or mine!
And of course, no girls music collection would be complete with out a pink percussion set and harmonica!
We are gonna have some serious fun around here! Bring on the noise!