Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dance Recital Weekend

What a great show! Big kids, little kids...really great routines. We were seriously impressed. But, of course, there was one little group we loved the most. Yep. Those lil ballerina's in pink and purple! Rubes had no stage fright whatsoever. Me, I was all nerves. I even left her backstage b4 the show (with the other girls and an assigned mom, of course) so I could go watch it in the theater with Jeff. She did GREAT! So darn proud of her. We had a trial run on Thursday with the dress rehearsal so she knew what to do and knew I'd be back for her after her number. Was such a big girl and to my amazement, Rubes remembered a good bit of the dance and did so well. Above she is lined up with her class.
After the show I presented her with a tiny bouquet of pink roses. I think she really felt like a little princess tonight. All smiles and giggles and twirls.
Proud Mommy gets a shot with her lil ballerina.
Outside I tried to get a smile but she was soooo silly. Just wanted to ham it up and give me a wink. I said "Come on, Rubes, not a wink silly! Give me a big smile"
I got an even bigger wink with a smile. Cutie.
She paused then for a serious one...
Then back to silly again.
She just kept on posing so I kept on shooting!
Getting restless and practically hanging from the steps waiting for Daddy. Every time someone came out the door, she said "Your not my Daddy. Nope, not you. Nope, your not Daddy either."
And then there he was. All smiles.
Grammy, Pappy, Daddy, and Rubes
Changed out of her costume and excited about the big blue ball (art of some sort at the college) that happened to match her outfit.
This was after Sunday's show. I think she did even better today. Was so into it and smiled big. My mom was there today too and I'm so bummed we didn't take pics with her! Instead of rushing home (like Sat. night) we stayed and let Ruby watch the rest of the show. She was mesmerized.

We headed back to the house and were met by my bro and nephew. We ate, the kids played, and we had a special ballerina cake I made for Ruby. Very last minute and sloppy but if you squint it kinda looks like ballet slippers, right?
Ok, it's A LOT sloppy, but the kids sure liked it!
A fun, festive weekend!

Now we are off to the beach! 4 nights with my friend, Mireille and her girls at her beach house, then an additional 4 or 5 days with Jeff's family at their beach house, with a trip back home in the middle for Ruby CITIZENSHIP CEREMONY! Woo hoo! Been waiting for that FOREVER and we just got invited to a special children's citizenship ceremony at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia on the 4th of July! How cool is that? It will be a bit of running back and forth, but so worth it. Will try to post on the 3rd or 4th when home b4 we head back to the beach. 

Until then (or just in case) enjoy what's left of June and Happy almost 4 of July!
(Is it me or did June fly by really fast?)

And NOW Go Beach?

"And then go beach? And today go beach? Mommy,  NOW we go to beach???" She's been asking me nearly every day for a month when we are going. We are finally just a few days away. Ya think she's a little excited? Oh yea. The other day I gave her some beach toys we bought her. Just a bucket, a shovel, goggles, and a few things. Oh, and flippers. Who knows why I got them cause she can't wear them in the ocean, but they were only $5 and have princesses on it. I knew she'd love them. Well, THAT was an understatement. Here she is flipping around in them and pretending to swim on the floor. Better find a pool for this girl!

Oh yea. We are ready.  :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This and That

A lot going on here lately. A lot of beginnings and endings. Ok, mostly endings. School is over. Little Gym is done. Dance class done and her 1st recital is this weekend. Actually, the dress rehearsal was today followed by shows on Sat and Sun.  It was sooo cute!

Trying to get used to having no schedule. We are loving the sleeping in part but I feel I need to step up my game with no schedule. So we are crafting and playing and doing all sorts of fun things...and yea, a little TV, too. My back went out Monday - just when I had about 8 million things to do - so I was somewhat limited. My friend Dawn took her for a few hours on Tuesday (huge help and Ruby did great!) and Jeff helped with Ruby and got her to the Dr's.  Poor thing woke up Tues at 3 am screaming that her ear hurt. Turns out she ruptured an ear drum. My poor sweet girl. The Dr. was shocked she hasn't been moody or complaining of pain b4 it burst. We all think maybe the ear tube fell out leaving little tear but have no idea how she handles pain so well.  She hadn't complained about it at all before that night. She is on antibiotics and out of pain for now, but hearing may be muffled in her left ear for awhile and have to keep water out of it. Armed with earplugs and ear drops.

We buried Jeff's beautiful Grandmother last Saturday. A very sad day. But what followed was a really nice visit with his whole family. What a great bunch they are. We looked at pictures, we laughed, and we celebrated her life. Sunday we had brunch with Jeff's dad and a BBQ with mine.
Pooped after bouncing with Aunt Tammie
Upside down girls cloud gazing

Jeff & his Dad enjoying a Bloody Mary. We got to see my Dad later that night for an awesome dinner and hang. So nice. I got Jeff one of his favorite freezer mugs and a cell phone case (he's so easy and practical). From Ruby, he got a sweet book called "The Daddy Book" by Todd Parr. Love his books and so does Ruby.

 Daddy opening his goodies. I got Jeff one of his favorite freezer mugs and a cell phone case (he's so easy and practical). From Ruby, he got a sweet book called "The Daddy Book" by Todd Parr. Love his books and so does Ruby.
Family shot

On Ruby's 1st day off of school we had 3 play dates! 1st my nephew Ryan was here and the kids did 2 hours of crafts and puzzles. Then my bro picked him up and Ruby and I headed to Dawn's house to play with Brie and 2 other girls. They splashed in Brie's little pool, did crafts, and had a ball.
It was giggly delight! Later, Ruby got to swim in a big pool with her friends Ava and Logan. She did really well. I forgot my suit and had to borrow one from my friend, Charlsey. I'm sure she thinks I am crazy cause I didn't want to swim but had to put one on anyway. I know she was right there but I don't feel comfortable not being in the water or very close when Ruby is in the pool. Gotta take her somewhere local for lessons so I can relax a little. That being said, Rubes is a fish and loves it. She wears her swimmies and an intertube and kicks herself all the way to the deep end. Jumps off the side, too, and has no fear. I guess that is a good thing. :-) Of course, that was all b4 her ear drum burst. We have to be super careful now as water in her ear could cause more problems but we are armed with ear plugs and ear drops!

Headed into a very busy weekend! Ruby has recital Sat and Sun., lots of family coming, and packing for the beach!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Things That Bring Big Smiles

Butterflies and flowers. Sunshine. Being outside in the garden. When I am having a bad day being outside in the sun is like a soothing balm. Flowers are blooming now and the yard looks colorful again. Fresh herbs and veggies are growing in the garden. Sweet little birds are finding their way to our bird feeder and, yes, our butterflies are hatching! This week we saw 7 beautiful butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. Such a cool experiment. I'm so glad we did this. Ruby has really enjoyed it and so have I.
So excited to see them flying around.
This face is priceless.
All excited to go pick snap peas.
Fresh yummies from our neighbors garden. Snap peas, scallions, arugula, and flowers for the butterflies.
My favorite new plant. Ain't she a beauty?
Setting some butterflies free. Ruby was all concerned that one of the butterflies were sick cause he was "bleeding". I have to admit it's rather gross and blood-looking when they drip wing dye down the side of the net, but I assured her they were all okay. Glad someone told me cause I would have thought the same thing!
A few of our little lovelies.
Climbing to the top. Come on can do it!
They made it!

Another thing that brings smiles: watching your daughter fall in love...
with a horse. 
Oh yea, she is smitten. There's a new pony at the farm. His name his Prince. So long Cookie!
He's a sweet horse and just beautiful. But if you ask me I think Ruby likes him cause he looks like all the Barbie horses. Okay, minus the pink hair. She was just loving her time riding him. Had that day dreamy look on her face the whole time.
After the riding they treated the kids to small hay ride.
A nice time with my sweet pea.
Today I thank God for smiles big and small and the little girl who lights up my every day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Great Loss

Today we got some real sad news. Jeff's Grandma passed away. She was one GREAT lady. Strong, kind, generous.  She loved her family truly and wholeheartedly. Our world has lost a beautiful person but God has gained another angel. One that is finally with her husband again. Hugs and prayers for the whole Kitzmiller family today. We will greatly miss her. :-(

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dear Ruby: You Win

We just had the most hilarious hour with Rubes. Jeff, Ruby, & I played 3 board games. First a princess game and then Candy Lane. She won them both. Fair and square! After the 1st two, we pulled out Chutes & Ladders. It's so cute cause she really gets games now and they hold her attention. At one point I was so sure I was going to win. I was very near the top and Jeff and Rubes were way down near the bottom. I made the grave error of saying "uh-oh! Looks like Mommy is gonna win this one!" which led to "NO! I WIN!!!" and full tears. We had to stifle our laughs and explain that while the game wasn't over yet, you can't ALWAYS win. Well she quickly calmed down and proved us wrong. Sure enough, we continued the game and Mom hit a slide, Ruby hit a ladder and Ruby won again.

As we were putting everything back in the box Ruby grabbed an instruction sheet and pretended to "read" it out loud. "Dear Ruby. You WIN". LOL. And so she did. Good thing she doesn't gloat or anything. :-)

Impromptu Cook Outs

We had 2 this weekend. Very laid back and fun.
I told Rubes we were gonna make cookies. I turned around to find her in her Chef's hat and holding her apron around her. "I'm READY!" she said. Man, I love her. So many smiles she brings!
On her slide with the fancy white tutu her Aunt Tammey got her.
We had absolutely no plans this weekend. Turns out my brother didn't either. So Friday we decided a gathering should be had! He brought my cousin Jack (also his room mate) and their sweet neighbors (now our friends) and wala! Instant party! The photo is us later in the evening sitting by the fire pit. Felt so bad for Rubes when the other 2 families invited had to cancel at the last minute. There were supposed to be at least 3 kids there for Ruby to play with. Little bug took it in stride and hung with us big kids all day.
A certain little miss ADORES her Uncle Jay.
The feeling is very mutual.
Cute couple Glenn and Lauren
Ruby snuggles with Daddy
The next day Jason came over again. This time with Ryan. The kids had a ball bouncing.
Sunday was all about the kids. They went from bouncey to pool to playroom and back again. With a short stop at the table, of course.
Loved seeing them have such a good time together.
Cutie pies making music.

Sometimes the best times are those you don't plan for.