Friday, May 27, 2011

Peep Show

Ruby's first chorus show at school was last Thursday. So cute! The kids were just adorable and at some points they were down-right hilarious. Did a great job, though. To our surprise, Ruby actually sang a tiny bit, and acted out the parts. However, she also gave a little more performance than we were expecting!
Sitting with her class and happy she could see Jeff & I.
Little diva saw me with the camera out and immediately posed.
Such a character she is, hamming it up for the camera and for Mommy.
She loved her new dress. It was the first time she wore it. In fact, she loved it so much that she was playing with it, tugging on it, and pulling it up over her waist during much of the show. Let's just say I wish I would have thought to put matching underwear on her this morning. Or better yet, some biker shorts! I decided not to post any of the undie shots to protect my daughter from future embarrassment. However, it could prove to be good blackmail in years to come with, say, a future boyfriend we don't like. (insert evil villain laugh here) hahaha.

The funniest part of this one is around 2 minutes when she is getting perfectly bored in the middle of the school like "oh my this is such hard work". Her face just cracks me up. Wish you could see it more clearly. Then, of course, the dress goes up in the air again. Such a silly miss!

Not sure why the videos looks like this. After several attempts and different mediums I am giving up getting a better version on here. Suffice it to say it was really, really cute show...and funny! Now we have a new phrase around here Mommy has coined the "princess legs". It's when we sit with our knees together and keep our skirt down like a little lady. Really, she is just a kid and it's funny, but hey, she'll be a teen b4 we know it (God help me) so I am training her early! haha!

Two Years Ago Today

We got our referral. It actually got to Wacap on May 22, 2009 and they were nice enough to email it to us so we didn't have to wait the whole holiday weekend. But we got it in our hands on this day - the 27th - 2 short years ago. Hard to believe how quickly time has gone by. The painful wait is almost forgotten now as we live our daily lives. Lives filled with more laughter and joy than I even could have imagined back then. I know I've said it before, but it's odd to think Ruby has only been home a year and half - well a year and 8 months to be exact. It feels like she has always been here. She is such a part of our EVERYTHING and I can't think of my life without her. Thankfully, I don't have to. I thank God every day for this little girl that makes me laugh and take life less seriously. For her smile and her voice and her silliness. For her sweetness and snuggly little self. For all of it, I am seriously grateful. :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yo Ho Ho

Current obsession: Jake & The Never Land Pirates (Disney Junior). Apparently Jeff watched this with her once and she was "hooked". No pun intended. She was delighted when I put a "pirate" scarf on her head today like Izzy.
There aren't many episodes on On Demand so she begs to watch the same ones over and over.
I'm not sure there is the slightest bit of educational value to it but look at this face. Could I say no to such cuteness? Such excitement?
Not on this day. In fact, I wouldn't have had the energy if I tried. Ruby thought it funny to take this next picture of me. I'd say it just about sums up how I felt after the last 5 days of events AND having to watch one more episode of pirates:
Is it bed time yet?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sesame Days Again

The weather has been gorgeous and sunny - hot even - so I took Ruby to Sesame for some fun in the sun on yesterday. First on our agenda? Face painting, of course!
I love this cute tee shirt my friend Kerri gave us. It says "Ruby's Fruit Juice Stand". 
We hit lots of rides (much to my stomach's dismay) then Rubes did some climbing up....
and sliding down.
She bounced a bit then we hit yet another ride that went around and around and around. I said no to the tea cups. I just had to or I'd have brought up my lunch. Thankfully, she accepted it ok when I explained that it would make Mommy sick.
We watched a super cute "Elmo Live" show. They let the kids come down and dance with Mr. Noodle and to my surprise Ruby wanted to do it.
She was a little shy once she actually got down there on stage, but still she danced.
Hmmmm...that's a very big bird.
She looks so teeny tiny next to him.
"Driving" the big fire truck
Was going to stick to just the dry rides today, but threw a suit in for her just in case. So glad I did. Was soooo hot and I knew she wanted to jump in there. Really great cause it's not crowded this early in the season. Practically had the pool to ourselves!
I pulled up a chair and stuck just my feet in as I watched my lil miss splash away.
Far as I can tell, it's gonna be another awesome summer. :-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Little Moments

Thai dinner with Daddy while Mommy worked Friday night.
Passed out in Mommy's new car.
Self portrait
Posing with BFF on a play date
Hugging her BFF, Brie. They are so dang cute together.
Morning hair and her adorable butterfly headband she made at school. I love it. She woke up like Medusa this morning. Hair everywhere. Has a great sense of humor and laughed at it herself when I showed her in the mirror. What fun days we have - me and the lil miss. She is so darn silly. Was so wound up tonight at bed time tonight, too. She pretended to paint my face and was so into it. Did my face exactly the way they painted hers today at Sesame Place. Cracked me up how precise she was and how she'd pause to put her imaginary brush back in the jar of "paint'. After she was done with me she proceeded to carry a "cricket" and it's cage with her (like Mulan) and was talking up a storm to it deciding where it should live, sleep, etc. This leaf? That one? No. It should sleep in it's cage cause the caterpillar is on the leaf! Her busy little mind at this hour! She cracks us up. Seems to have a second wind and brain storm half a hour b4 bed. It's quite the show. Some nights she helps Daddy "read" the books and other nights she will resight the ABC's or numbers or songs she knows. Other nights she pretends to paint the wall, paint our nails, or act out a part from one of her movies.  Life is never without entertainment around here! How lucky we are to have this sweet pea to make us smile, laugh out loud, and enjoy the simple little moments.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Full Day

Such a fun day today. Field trip with Ruby's school to the NJ Aquarium. The place was a mad house. At least 15 school buses there and excited kids everywhere. Still, we managed to keep them all together and the whole bunch was so well behaved. Such good kids. I love her class.
Coral cuties: Ruby's classmates pose for a quick shot.
Touching the starfish.
Touching the stingrays. They had so much fun.
The highlight of the day was actually the hippos but it was too dark to get a decent shot. Ruby loves hippos and they didn't disappoint today. They were very active and showed off for the crowd. It was a fun, fun time but very exhausting. Ruby fell asleep in my lap on the bus ride back and we both laid down for an hour when we got home.
Rested, changed, and ready to go horse back riding late this afternoon.
Pee Wee Pony Time at a local farm. First all the kids gathered in the barn for a book read. An A-Z book about horses. After the book they learned where and what the horses eat and then it was time to ride.
Ruby riding her favorite horse, "Cookie". She's been talking about this horse for 2 weeks. Jeff took her to her first class while I was away then last week it rained. She was so excited to go today and was sure to tell me the horses names and which one she wanted to ride!
I love this happy proud face.

A fun day with my Rubes and an early bed time. Suspect she will sleep like a rock tonight. LOL, me, too. :-)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Party Girl

It was a party weekend around here. Saturday started with a bowling party for my nephew, Ryan.
Sweet pea waiting her turn. Haha, you should have seen her face when they handed her the shoes. Her smile was quickly replaced by a look like - "seriously? You want me to wear THOSE?" LOL, she's so like me sometimes it's scary. She looked at me for approval (as if surely Mommy will agree that they are not too fashionable!) and I assured her they were really cool shoes and so fun for bowling (ha!) She seem happy with that response and put them on.
Again there was disappointment when she tried to pick up the heavy ball. Oh and then there was the incident of one of them rolling over her finger while trying to pick it up. Ouchy! Let's just say bowling was not "love at her first try".
However, with a little determination and help from her Daddy, she soon enjoyed herself. I had to leave to work my first Nissan event (boo-hoo) and Jeff took her to the 2nd party of the day. It was a b-day party for one of her classmates' brothers that included a magic show. Jeff was too busy to take any pics but said it was a lot of fun.
Hmmm... If I was to guess I would say I think she liked the magic show. Pranced around in her magic hat for much of the next day.
I love all this animation. Such a trip. When telling me about the bunny he made appear I asked her how she thought he did that?? She said. "Um...I think it was fairies." I just love her.
Here she is waiting for me, hanging out by my new car. After months of trying to decide (and save) I finally broke down and got myself this last week. It's a 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan. It's not my BMW, but it is really cute, sporty, and great on gas. Has a nice interior too and navigation. I'm happy.
Magic Miss casting spells around the yard.
Party no. 3 was over at my bro's house on Sunday. A family party to continue the celebration of Ryan's bday. Jeff and Ruby outside by the fire pit.
A few of our kiddos waiting for the cake.
A sweet shot of Ryan beaming up at his Dad while we sang Happy Birthday. Couldn't get a single decent shot of him the day b4 at the bowling party. Was having way to much fun to stop for a picture! This photo makes up for it tenfold.
Cracked up at Ruby delicately walking through the yard. "I don't like mud, Mommy. Mud is for pigs. Pick me up." LOL! I told her she would survive just fine and it wouldn't hurt her and in no time she was running with all the kids. Too funny, my girlie girl.
Grandma surprises us!
Me and mom....who is 40 lbs lighter and feeling better than ever! Go Mom!
My brother and nephews hanging by "The Pit". 
Most of the gang at Jason's. 5 little kiddos (not pictured) were jumping in the bounce house. A good time was had by young and old alike, but it's time to put away our party shoes and rest now!