Monday, January 31, 2011

Warm & Fuzzy Weekend

When life hands you blizzards...make your own wine chiller, light a fire, and kick up a nice time!

Jeff's parents came for a visit and brought a whole chicken and all the fixings for chicken and dumpling soup. (Yea, I dropped off the whole vegetarian thing again). LaRae taught me how to make whole wheat dumplings and we worked happily in the kitchen together. Such a warm and fuzzy time. She's an amazing person and great cook. I've learned so much from her. Spent the whole weekend cooking and talking and enjoying each others company...
...and kicking back by the fire. Enjoyed a GREAT movie that I was dying to see, also: Secretariat. LOVED it. Beautifully acted by Diane Lane and I love the strength and determination of the main character. So inspiring!

Watching the guys shoveling Sat morning. Jeff & his dad were so sweet and took 2 hours out of their day to replace my windshield wiper blades that were shot. And that was after shoveling and clearing snow off the porch roof for an hour. What good men we've got!

In the afternoon, we girls ventured out a bit to a craft store to find some fun things for Ruby's party and some cute winter projects. The boys watched every shoot 'em up, gun 'em up movie they could get their hands on and kicked back with a few beers. Ruby had some great quality time with Grammy when we got home. It was so sweet. I love how close she is with her grandparents.

We ended the weekend with Disney's Princess On Ice show. A sweet friend couldn't use the tickets and offered them up to us at half price! We were so happy to go and grateful. Rubes really liked it although the intermission threw her off. I came back with those chemical dots Dip-n-dots and all was well again. Have to admit they were rather tasty!
 Daddy & Ruby at the show. She had her mouth full of popcorn and as you can see her hand is still in the bucket pausing only for a second so I can get the shot and then shovels more in. LOL.
Hard to take good pics there. This is about the only one that turned out at all. Anyway, hard to tell in pics, but real magical in person. Really a cute show and a fun end to a very nice weekend.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Went to an adorable party last weekend for Jeff's cousins little girl, Hannah. It was so sweet and I just loved the kitty theme.
Here is our hostess Kelly getting Rubes all geared up.
They she got whisked off for face painting. All smiles here.
All the sweet kittens on the couch. Bday girl Hannah loved the pillow pet we got her. (I asked Kel for ideas so really it was hers.) She carried it around the rest of the day.
The make-up artist was great and did the Limbo and different games and songs with the kids. Loved her. May hire her for Ruby's party.
Hannah hitting the pinata.
Rubes takes a swing.
The lady even made animal shaped balloons which was a big hit.
Cute kitty cake.
And Ruby always pays a visit to "Butterscotch" whenever we are there.

A wonderful time with some sweet girls and awesome cousins.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday Fashion

Ruby had a 2 hour school delay yesterday so I took advantage of the time to try braiding her hair. So fun is this girl! As much as I love finding new funky clothes combinations for her and doing stuff with her hair, she loves it too. When I showed her the first braid she was like oooooo! Jeff just laughed at the both of us.
Pleased with her ensemble and acting all sassy and cute.
She's such a little poser it cracks me up.
I love how confident she is. Have a local modeling agency I used to work with that wants to see her. Don't want to run her around a lot and put pressure on her so we are not going to any big agencies in NY. But a couple local jobs would be easy and fun for her I think. We'll see!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Snow Man

She's seen them on TV, in books, and on ornaments. We made them out of marshmallows. But she never saw (or made) a real one. We always either forgot or the snow was too light. Or coming down too heavy. Or something. Today when we got home from school, instead of rushing in for lunch, she lingered outside kicking around the snow. I was like, you wanna play? Even though the LAST thing on earth I wanted to do is hang out in the cold, I could see the look of glee in her eyes and couldn't resist. I quickly ran in and got gloves for us both, a hat for me, and tossed her backpack in the door. My kid needed to have some fun in the snow... so be it.

And you know what? It was fun. We kicked it around, tossed it a bit, then we made her first snowman.
Finding it hilarious to toss it at me.
Kissing her new icy BFF
Puckering up for another frosty kiss long b4 her face got down to his. haha.
Patting and admiring her new creation. So sweet.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweet Sunday

Well, we actually ALL slept through the night Saturday AND Sunday and let me tell you it was a beautious thing, my friends! (Yes, I know that is not really a word but it is now!) Everyone woke up happy and relaxed with no particular place to go. We decided to take Ruby to the temple yesterday. It's been a couple months I think and she was excited to go. There's such a peace that comes over her after we go there. Like she knows it's okay to remember things about Thailand and that it's still part of her life.

We saw our good friend Rose. I really love her. So sweet and upbeat and fun to hang around. We ate some great food and caught up with others we knew and found out there is another adoptive family that has been coming. Hope to meet them on a future visit. We were there for HOURS and when we finally got back we just made a fire and snuggled and played in the living room the rest of the day - except to go out and eat and then go right back to the couch! We watched a movie with Ruby, then the Golden Globes for a bit. So nice to watch an adult program for a change! Ruby played with her dolls and we all had a great night. Did anyone else find the host (Ricky someone or other) to be super obnoxious and cutting? Geez! But besides that, I so adored all the fashion. I think Scarlett Johansons and Mila Jovovich's were my favorites.

Anyway, a very nice weekend here. Hope the same for all of you!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Attention All Princess Shoppers

Been having a blast playing with the little miss this week. She never ceases to crack us up! Love that she has to put on this specific pair of sunglasses whenever she plays with the register. Such a character! This next one really had me laughing. I was trying to capture how she reenacts the Nutcracker with her ballerina, but as is always with a kid, you never know how the video will end up and where they will take you! The bit about "I hate Christmas" is from the Barbie Christmas Carol movie. It's actually quite sweet but Eden is a bit of a stuck up ba-humbugger till she learns the spirit of Christmas and giving. Ruby is smitten with the Barbie movies. Most have really sweet songs and I like that the princess or heroine is always brave and ends up rescuing herself. The prince is just a bonus! :-)

Have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Bunny

I am NOT in the mood to have my picture taken this morning. 
Checking out all the snow outside.
After bfast we are much more smiley!
Showing me how cold she is.
And then just being silly and dramatic about how cold she is.
And now just plain silly. 

Love this silly lil thing! This was Monday - her first and ONLY day of school this year. Was off Tuesday cause that is French day and we have her speech teacher here. Off today because of snow. Off all last week with a cold and next Monday is a holiday (though I have to admit I have no idea which one). Good thing we work on some stuff at home cause she isn't getting much school this month! 

Got her the faux fur vest and bunny boots from Gymboree months ago, but held out giving her the boots till Christmas. Wasn't a hit Christmas morning with all the other loot, but she gets a kick out of them now. Me, I think they are the most adorable things EVER. Okay, next to her, that is!

Favorite New Phrases

"I NEED..." - says this for just about everything now. Mommy I need juice.  Mommy I need TV. Oh my. And oh no you don't NEED it.
"I SAID" - afraid this one came from me. As in, Ruby, I said it's time for bed. Now the little bugger uses against me like "I said watch TV". Yea, sorry lil miss but that is just not working for me. Trying to undo that phrase is proving to be a challenge. Geez, I have to really watch what I say!
"PLEEEEEASE! TEENY TINY" with her head tilted to one side, eyes batting at me and her pointer finger and thumb gesturing something really small. I'm not sure where the teeny tiny part came from but it's so darn cute that it's difficult to say no when she says it! Oh yea. She's GOOD.
"WITH you!" - this is a sweet one, but I'm afraid we've had a little regression here. She is back to wanting to be with me every second, literally clinging to my leg or climbing up me like spider girl as I try to walk through the kitchen. The holiday break, snow days and being home sick for a week have put us back just a tiny bit. Still, she went to school on Monday like a big girl and didn't cry.

She also doesn't want to do things for herself as much since I have been taking care of her on the sick days. Like getting dressed, bathroom stuff, putting her own shoes on, etc. Maybe this is normal toddler stuff. I don't know. I go from cherishing this feeling as she won't be small wondering if I she should be more independent by now. Ah, well, not gonna over-think it this time. Like I said, she won't be this age for long so I am gonna soak up all the hugs and kisses and snuggles!

Another cute thing she says: "I can not see!" - to anything that is taller than her. She carries her little pink stool everywhere and puts it down and stands on it to see in the sink, out the door, on the counter, to reach the light switch, etc. It's kinda cute to see her finding a solution to her great delema. haha. She'll say "I can see now!"

Well, I better get off of here and figure out what we are gonna do all day. Snowed in AGAIN. Trying to embrace it and just admire the beauty of it from my window, but I was really looking forward to getting back to our routine this week - Ruby at school, me at gym, starting Little Gym, etc. I guess it's all gonna have to wait another day. For today is about snow play, crafts, and games. And probably a good old princess movie in there, too. :-)

UPDATE: I should add here that we are all finally feeling better! Thanks for the nice comments and emails!

Also, I thought of a few other cute things she says that I wanted to document:

"Let's try again!" - says this a million times a day and is phrase is used for playing something again to saying something silly again to swinging her around. Last week the doctor used the stethoscope to hear her chest and she said it to her. That was after she ran on her upon entering the room and said "My turn!" LOL. The whole time we were waiting she kept asking me if she would get a turn and if the Dr. would see her. So funny.

There's another one and now I can't think of it, dang it. Check back later for another update!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Dance Class

Well, we got up Saturday morning and headed to our first dance class at Kays Act 2. Really cute. Rubes was still a bit unsure about doing it without me and ran back to me a few times, but she had some fun, too. I think in a couple weeks she'll get used to it and be ok. If not, they have a Mommy & Me class we can switch to. She LOVES her new tap shoes and enjoyed that part a lot.
Turned around a lot to make sure I was still there!
Getting into tap at the bar
Getting some help from the teacher
Had to be bribed to go back up after another girl burst into tears and ran to her Mommy. Rubes didn't cry but ran to me, too, and didn't want to go back up. I promised her hot chocolate with marshmallows if she would be brave and give it a try. (Yes, resorting to all sorts of bribes now involving sugar.) Smart teacher let her lead the parade line and she got back into it.
Is there anything cuter than a bunch of littles in their leotards?

Here's a quick video of her learning her first tap steps:

I had a ball watching them but next week I will be out in the waiting area peaking through the blinds. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Little Inspiration

Going along with the "it's never too late" theme running in my head lately, I found this article this morning about living life on purpose. Written by fellow blogger, supermom, and writer extraordinaire, Jackie MacDougall, it is sure to inspire. It's about remembering to help others, live life deliberately, and talks about one amazing guy in particular. Take a listen to Ted Williams here. It brought me to tears watching this. What if we gave everyone in life a second chance? What if all the homeless were helped, understood, and given a chance to the be person they were meant to be?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"S" Day

"S" for snow. "S" for sick. "S" for soup. "S" for snuggles. And "S" for silliness. We are all on antibiotics here. Ruby & Jeff are doing a lot better, but I, on the other hand, am still feeling pretty crappy. I stuck with the South Beach diet until the antibiotics made me both nauseous and dizzy. Then decided it was just not worth it at the moment and went ahead and had both juice and a few carbs in the form of noodles in my soup. Made two yummy, feel-good soups. One basic chicken noodle and one a recipe from South Beach - creamy broccoli. The broccoli one is actually quite good although I can't say I can clearly breathe or taste quite yet. Anyway, Ruby and I like it and it's good and healthy! We'll try it on Jeff tomorrow.

I have to say, for a "sick" week, we sure did have some fun around here! Got a lot of cleaning and laundry done, too. I just couldn't let this cold keep me down. We worked on the computer a few times on her ABC sounds and today we did her Thai DVD with the little girls dancing. It's so cute and she is learning the dance steps more and even singing along. Today she told me they were singing about sleep! I said, "can you understand what they are saying?" She said yes. I wonder how much, but I am so glad she still remembers some and can identify with it. I am loving how much more she is communicating too. She is not one to complain, but she is letting us know now when she is hot or cold and DEFINITELY voicing her opinion and wants/needs more. Had so much fun with my Rubes. I'm gonna miss her when she goes back to school next week!

A few of the week's activities...
A little fairy "face painting" by Mommy
A little art work
worked on tracing numbers
Arts & crafts by request by the little miss. On her quest to keep Christmas (and Christmas trees) alive and well in our house, she asked if we could make a tree craft. (The newest one is the green tree on red paper). I did finally get to take down our real tree. Rubes was ok with it after I told her I needed her help. She loves being Mommy's little helper!
We had a lot of snuggle time...
...and a little snow time.
Not enough snow for sledding or a snowman but enough to kick around and make her smile.
We sat by the fire Daddy made for us and I made her her first cup of hot chocolate...
complete with marshmallows on a chop stick
I don't know- do you think she liked it?
and the after effects...being silly with Daddy.

If your gonna be home sick, it sure is great to have people you love home with you!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Yes. It's January. I started taking down some of the decorations yesterday. Ruby said "What doing, Mommy?" I said, "Oh, just cleaning up and putting away the Christmas decorations. Christmas is over now." Her reply: "CHRISTMAS??? OVER????? " Guess she didn't get the memo. LOL. I then told her we would be taking the trees down soon and she broke into this little song:


Hahaha. She still says no whenever I mention the trees and breaks into song again. So funny. Maybe we will let her little pink tree up for a bit. Throw some hearts on it for Valentines and eggs on it for Easter. I gotta say, I love her spirit, but the tree downstairs is dying and has got to go! The rest, I suppose can stay up for a few weeks more. :-)

A Brand New Year!

2010 was an amazing year. We became parents. We watched our our daughter learn and grow, hear and thrive, love and be loved. We laughed a whole lot and at times cried tears of joy. We learned that love is bigger and more wonderful than we ever imagined. So many incredible moments and beautiful new firsts!

But life is great. There is always the more around the bend. More to choose and the chance for a new start in every day. No better time to decide that then a brand new year, filled with possibilities and new memories to make! Resolutions are often started, but not always followed through all year round. Still, I love to try! My sister in law calls them "intentions" instead of resolutions and I like that much better! So below is my list of goals and positive intentions for the new year!

1. Kick fear in the butt! Go for more, have more fun, worry a lot less!
2. Dance more! Signed Ruby up for ballet yesterday. Signing me up for Zumba at the gym next week.
3. Cook more. Need to cook more healthy food and bag the baking till next year's cookie season. (okay or at least take a break for a bit!)
4. Kick the sugar habit! Jeff and I started the South Beach diet yesterday. No sugar, few carbs, and no alcohol for 2 weeks. The hardest part is having to eat eggs for bfast every day. I get real sick of them. But it's only 2 weeks and then I can add back in fruit and whole grains. We both have had success with this in the past so I'm feeling confident that a 10 lb lighter me is on the way! 
5. Back to the gym! I started this in Nov, but skipped a few weeks over the holidays. Ready to try Zumba, get back to yoga, and a whole lot of cardio.
6. Sing more! Gig out now and then. Sell more CD's. Make more $$ for charity. Record a new jazz CD.
7. Be more silly! Take life less seriously and laugh out loud more. (Should be easy with a kid who keeps us laughing a LOT)!
8. Give more. Find a regular local charity where I can donate my time and help out.
9.  LOVE more. Find something beautiful in everything and everyone.
10. Make more quality time for me and the hubs. And definitely more date nights!
11. Manage my time better. Spend less time on FB and blogger, and more time planning my next day, next meal, and more fun activities for me and Rubes, etc.
12. Bring back glamour! Who says a stay at home mom can't be glamorous? I say she CAN! I'm getting my nails done again. Got some highlights. Taking better care of myself. Putting in a little extra effort to look and feel glam again. Not a lot of time. Just a little here and there. I'm still an Ugg wearing mom but I started to pull out the high heels again and take a little more time on the make-up (my new MAC make-up helped up the glam factor!) And your know what? It feels good!
13. Read more. I just ordered a book call The Power by the same chic that wrote The Secret. I love positive books like that. It just puts a spring in my step and gets me going in the right direction. A little reminder to stay positive and live life to the fullest...even in the dead of winter! :-)
14. Get back to a regular "lesson" day with Rubes where we do puzzles and speech and numbers. Also have a goal to teach her more about clocks, time, months, and how to use the calendar.
15. Get back to a regular bed time schedule where the lil miss is in bed by 8 or 8:30 again!
16. And the biggest challenge...get this blog printed into books and finish her bday book from last year! I would really love to do ONE book a year after that,  summarizing each year of her life. I have LOVED the books I did on blogger. Here is a preview of the one I did for the inlaws for Christmas. Want to make one for ourselves but with more of the photo shoot pics.
You can see the whole book if you click on the above link.

What are your intentions or resolutions for the New Year? What are you most excited about? I hope the new year holds much love and joy for you all and many children safely home in their parents arms!