Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Productivity & Fun: A Mother's Match Made In Heaven

We had very productive day today! Ruby was SUCH an angel which is in complete contrast to the last few days where she has been restless with sleeping and a tad challenging at times. Could it be the terrible 3's? She's had a serious case of "MINE! MINE" lately as it pertains to just about everything. So I have been working on this. Maybe yesterday it sunk in or maybe it was a hiatus. LOL, I'm hoping it was the first! Could it have been boredom? We stuck close to home to start potty training and she did seem bored at times despite my best efforts. Ah, how to tell what's going on in the mind of a toddler! Also wonder if  naps could soon be on their way out already? I think she still needs one, but it seems harder for her to fall asleep lately and this time I know it's not the giardia. Sleep at night has been restless, too, and I think it is from a movie she watched recently. (Although she actually said "MINE! MINE!" in her sleep one night. Uh-oh!) Still, I gotta shelf some of those Barbie and Disney movies till she is older. She keeps pulling them out and begging to watch and well, sometimes I cave. Not anymore!

Anyway, today was one of those perfect days where everything went better than planned and Mommy and Ruby had tons of fun, too! First we had an evaluation today with Bucks County Intermediate Unit. It went GREAT! After a child turns 3, you have to go to the county for a reevaluation to see if you qualify for more Early Intervention. So, we were there for 1-1/2 hours and Ruby did very well. They confirmed that she is no longer delayed and is right where she needs to be at her age. She not only caught up but is at a 3-1/2 year old level on some things. Hooray! However, her articulation/pronunciation still needs work so they are getting us a speech therapist. I am so thrilled. I wanted to make sure we were doing all we could to help her clearly communicate and I was feeling like maybe I am the only one (and Jeff, too, of course) that could fully understand her some of the time. So we will meet again in a few weeks to get all the info and start. I am so happy to have this service. Early Intervention has been such a God-send in this process and the people we have met through it have been just wonderful.

In the afternoon, Jeff, Ruby, and I stopped over at her pre-school. It was also great. The people there are all nicer than nice and I made sure we went on a day where they had a full roster of kids so we could see what it's really like. Both teachers were nice. Both sets of kids were friendly. We agreed that either classroom would be great, but we loved the mix of international kids in the first class and especially liked how polite and friendly they all were. The teacher I was not sure of was in the corner, sweetly taking the time to fix the pony tails that fell out of one girls hair. Okay, I like her. I was sure she was a good teacher but was hoping for a little warm and fuzziness, too, and that was nice to see. One little girl in that class is adopted from Guatemala and I like that, too. They met twice at the school and once at our local Pets Plus (jokingly called The Free Zoo of Langhorne) and remembered each other. They were smiling and playing a bit. It was so sweet. I am so happy with this school and the director said even if she is not fully potty trained yet, she can still do 1-2 half days of summer camp in June. It's a perfect fit in every way! Jeff finally had a chance to see the place and loved it and Ruby is so happy there. Think it's going to be such a positive experience for her! Still hoping to potty train this month and get it over with. Sticking around the house is tedious and a challenge but I will do the best I can. Ruby learns fast so it's just a matter of her WANTING to do it. I am hoping to motivate her even more and keep it a positive experience.

After the school visit we hung outside for the rest of the day. So fun! It was a gorgeous day and we spent a few hours roaming the yard, looking at the tulips, playing ball, swinging at my neighbors, riding her bike, etc. It was pretty warm out so I called the hubby down and we put together her new water table. BOY, did she love that! Best investment ever! I see a lot of hours spent with that this summer! The pics say it more than any description I could come up with so stay tuned. I will put them up in the next post.


Anonymous said...

I have to laugh about this post..."Mine Mine.." This is a word I wish was not in my vocabulary much less in Lyla's. It is a battle of the wills. I am so happy to hear that Ruby is doing so well in her development. It is amazing compared to what you were posting a year ago. I hope you have a great rest of the week. ;)

Jessica said...

Go, Ruby! So glad you got such a good report. She's come so far so fast. Sounds like all of you must have been working really hard.