Friday, April 2, 2010

Quick Update

Been a very busy and hectic couple weeks around here and I just haven't had time to blog! Truth be told, it's been a little challenging, as well. Not with Ruby. She is doing fine and after a few days where she seemed to feel worse, she is now doing pretty good and sleeping through most nights. Still on meds for giardia and yet another cold is on the way out. But the dishwasher valve broke and poured into the basement. Sears is a pain in the neck and never sent their adjuster out. They are impossible to get on the phone! Put me on hold for 15-20 minutes 3 times and then hung up on me! I gave up and am giving the task to Jeff. I am so not dealing with them anywmore! So I've been hand washing dishes for days and it's really time consuming. Plus the dog is sick. Poor dog has a cyst on her paw and diarrea and we find out Tues or Wed what it is. They already ruled out aggressive cancer, but it still could be some type of cancer or bad infection. I have been worrying so much about both Ruby and the dog's health and also my little brother who is autistic and not doing so great these days. Much on my mind and cleaning up a lot of messes - between the dog, cat, mold in the basement,...and then there was Ruby's tests. I had 7 viles of poop to collect and get to the lab by 3 pm each day which made naps very late and one day we had to skip altogether. Add a messy house to the equation (with a trip away this weekend and a full house and party next weekend) and I was rather stressed out by the time my mom got down here! Jeff went to FL for the week for business and my mom (God bless her!) has been here all week to help out. Once again the laundry is caught up and the home somewhat in order. She even babysat a couple times and Ruby did good but would not nap for her. Still, it is progress, and my mom was a HUGE help! (THANK YOU!!!!)

One week till Ruby's party and I am getting really excited. The invites went out a week or so ago and we have a head count. So far, it will be 9 kids (7 being toddlers), and 25 adults. Maybe one kid and parent more. Very manageable and I feel ahead of the game right now. Of course, there are still a zillion details to attend to, but we are getting there. The favor boxes are done and look way cute. Ruby's presents are all wrapped in cow paper. I still have to grocery shop next week, pick up hay, the cakes, the helium tank, decorate and all that jazz. Not sure if I will let Ruby help with the decorating (if it's fun for her) or have Jeff take her to the park so she can come home and be surprised. Thinking I will do the later. More soon...


Sharon said...

WOW!!! What a couple of weeks!!

So glad you are getting excited AND organised for Ruby's birthday party. Her first little birthday party 'at home'. How lovely!

Thinking of you all xx

Ellie said...

Oh, Jen!!! What a week you've had!!!! What a pain in the bootie! We've had some similar household pains lately! I can definitely relate! I'm just imagining you running around with poop samples!!! LOL! Motherhood! It's a beautiful thing! :) Keep us posted on what you hear back on those samples!

Ruby's going to have a wonderful birthday party! Can't wait to see pics!!!

Jessica said...

Did you think you'd ever see the day when you added poop collector to your resume? That defines mom in every sense of the word.

Hope that things all right themselves soon and that the Sears man makes a quick appearance. Happy Easter!

dawn said...

Why is it that it never rains it pours?
Hang tight Mama, things can only get better from here.

Hugs to your little brother, I hope is leg is feeling better.
Snuggles to Ruby from both of the girls, who by the way are desperate to meet her.

Lily was so excited to let her cousin listen to Butterfly Moon in the car the other day, she nearly exploded.

Hugs to you.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

so sorry my friend!! this too shall pass!

Can't wait for her party and to see all of the pictures:)

hope your doggie is okay

Maci Miller said...

Thanks, friends! All is well here and we had a great weekend. Adjuster sent us a letter and will hopefully come soon. The Sears guy is coming back to fix the dishwasher this week (if the part came in) and still keeping my fingers crossed about the dog. Ruby is great though and was such a doll all weekend. Will post about Easter soon. Party is gonna be great and I am not stressing about the details. Can't wait to share with all of you.

Mireille said...

Oh what a week, but this too shall end... my dryer is broke and it is raining outside for days now, so it doesn't dry.. same problems here on this end of the world ;-(
Hang in there, better and more fun times coming soon!!