Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Recap

Posing for Mommy

Taking pictures of Pa.

Time continues to whirl by at lightening speed. I thought I'd start a weekly recap to record our goings-on in possibly a quicker/easier fashion. Here goes the first round...

Monday - my Mom and David were here for a visit. I let Ruby at home with my mom and Jeff and took my brother to Sesame for some sister and brotherly bonding. Tough day. While I love that kid IMMENSELY, it is growing harder and harder to take him places - especially by myself. My intentions were good, but perhaps pushing a 200+ lb kid around in a wheelchair through a crowded water park in 90 degree weather wasn't such a bright idea. Yea. I know. What was I thinking? My heart also ached to see all the looks (rude, scared, and/or curious stares) we got when trying to sit him down in the baby pool. Worth the effort to spend time alone with Dave, but, yea, kinda of a hard day - physically and emotionally.
Tuesday - Nothing special and yet nice. A kind of calm and chill day and Ruby & I just played around the house, had our own little music class, watched a movie, did some painting, etc.
Wednesday - Took Ruby to an indoor amusement place called Giggleberry Fair. Cute place with arcade like games, a merry go round and a pre-school room with water table. She loved it. Went for lunch at Peddler's Village and did some outlet shopping. Scored a pair of black boots and hat (shown in pics above) and cute fashions for back to school. Soooo cute! She was such an angel I bought her ice cream, too. Great day!
Thursday - Went to the Grange Fair with friend Dawn and kids. Fun, but HOT and overpriced for a local carnival. Still, she went on some rides, had fun, and really enjoyed all the animals. Went out for Thai food with Ruby and the hubs for dinner and had a whole day without TV. Yea! Also started back on a vegetarian diet. Feeling real good about that. It just feels right. Here are pics from the Grange Fair:
Kids on the rides. Brie's brother Drew is so sweet with Ruby.
Mom and Ruby take on the big slide.
Happy happy girl on the bouncey bungee jumping thing.
Checking out the pigs.
And her favorite animal...the Alpaca. She loved these and the chickens.

Friday - Ruby's last day of summer camp. Off now for a few weeks till school starts. Did not accomplished much on my free morning.  Checked email, blogged, caught up with a friend on the phone. Ah well, at least it was time to chill. No big plans for tonight but seeing Jeff's cousins tomorrow and my friend Kimi and family on Sunday. Should be a nice weekend!

Happy Friday!


Jessica said...

Loving Ruby in those boots, hat and little green dress. She's working it! Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ruby is such a little fashionista. I love it. Have super weekend.

Ellie said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous week!!! Ruby is so darling!!

How nice of you to spend that one on one time with David! So sorry you had some awkward moments! I'm sure he just LOVES that time with you!!