Saturday, September 4, 2010


Father Joe and staff of Mercy Centre greet Princess Srirasmi of Thailand.

Received a wonderful newsletter this morning from Father Joe. Good news for Mercy Centre! This charity is near and dear to my heart and I am so happy to hear of the Princess endorsing it. Hoping this will bring more money and a happier/more comfortable life for the children and families of Mercy. What an awesome thing for the little school started from nothing and became a large dwelling and place of love for many in need and education opportunity for every child. It is quite a compelling story and I am reminded of a quote by Normal Vincent Peale this morning:
"God finds a way where there is no way". So true. In life and especially with Mercy. From it's humble beginnings in a beat up abandoned building to it's acceptance and patronage from HRH. Through it all Father Joe and his hard working staff never gave up. You can read today's newsletter about the Princess's visit on my other blog, Butterfly Moon Music. I highly suggest reading Father Joe's story sometime too. You can find the books HERE and HERE. Two eye opening books tell the story.

Have a beautiful day!

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