Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pre-holiday fun

I love her hair like this. When I do it now she says, "Mommy, I Thai Princess!" She does it to her dolls hair, too, now and says they are Thai princesses. I love that she is starting to recognize and embrace Thai things more. Saying SawadeeKa and kup kuhn ka lot more too at random times. I gotta take her to the Thai temple soon but we've been so busy lately. Gotta be more active with our local community in Jan!
Made some cute Santa ornaments this day and arts & crafts. She loves to paint.
...and make messes with glues and stickers! (And, no, I did not leave her alone with those big scissors!)
Had a princess tea party (her idea). It was so cute. There wasn't a princess in the land - big or small -who didn't come out for the event. At one point she stopped dead in her tracks and said "uh oh! more cups!" and ran out to the kitchen to produce a few more. I love her imaginary play. It's so sweet!
Max was not impressed with the princess invasion
Playdate with BFF Brianna. They disappeared upstairs for a bit so I went to check on them and found this.
Silly little princess have a ball together.
Ruby gives Brie a ride around the house on her bike. They did this on their own and thought it was the most clever idea. Ruby kept saying "look! Brianna backwards! heeheehee!"
Fun little Kailan hair we did this day. Took her to a local landscaping place that has a wonderful holiday display.
Checking out the train
One of the nice scenes they have set up
Lovingly pet all the animals on display
Could hardly pry her away from the tiger. You know I wanted to buy her one like this but where on earth would we keep the thing? Made a wise decision to keep walking!
Polar bear was also a hit
But the nutcracker was probably the favorite. So hoping we can take her to see that this year. She just LOVES all things nutcracker. Santa has a special one for her at Grammy & Pappy's this year and we got her little ornament ones that are going to magically appear on the tree Christmas morning. So fun all this planning!
Being silly at home. I love these next couple shots cause they show her silly/sassy personality.
I asked her to look at the camera and she gave me this silly pose instead. How I love this silly little love bug. Can hardly wait to see her face Christmas morning. Santa Mommy has been doing some serious shopping!


Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Love them all!!! But the one of max takes the cake:). Really funny, he seriously looks so bothered to be amongst the "goods"

Just remember that Hayden lovingly refers to them as "crack your nuts". LOL

Jessica said...

Totally love the hair. Just when you think she couldn't possibly look any more adorable!

Mireille said...

She is totally cute in every hairdo and outfit!! Such a doll with such a precious personality, I just love her and can't wait to meet her in real life soon!!... well in half a year...

Maci Miller said...

Thanks, friends! She sure keeps us smiling over here!
And Jules, that is HILARIOUS that Hayden calls them "crack your nuts"!!!