Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Preview

Nothing like a little coral dress with rhinestones (and matching shoes) to get a girl ready for spring! Rubes was absolutely gaga for the shoes. I am pretty crazy about them, too.

A very sweet friend gave me her Gymbor*ee coupon points last month so I got 50% off everything! Woohoo and thank you so much Nicole!!! Here are a few more things we picked up:
Gorgeous tunic top that also matches the above shoes. Picked up cute twirly pony holders to match, too.

LOVE this dress. Even prettier in person. It just says summer to me.

What I love best about Gymbor*ee is the cute matching accessories. Ruby was more excited about these than anything else.

But she DID, however, put them down long enough to look at THESE. Now I have a question for all you seasoned moms out there. What size to buy for summer if you are buying now? Ruby wears an 8 now. They fit her perfect with just a TINY bit of room to grow. The next size up (9) would have her tripping over herself but would they fit by spring and summer? I just couldn't decide so bought both. I will return one in a few months after I see what her foot is looking like. What would you have done? And how fast does a child's foot grow at almost 4? How much do they grow in a year? I have only one year and a half to compare it too and I don't know if this is the norm for every year.  So, hey, I am up for suggestion if anyone knows! Thanks!!!


Jessica said...

Laughing b/c T wears a size 9 shoe now!! Can't help you there at all.

I love these Gymboree clothes though. That tunic, heck, I'd wear that! Actually, I'd wear it all. Do those sandals come in a women's 8 1/2?

dawn said...

Jen, you and I need to go shopping together one day. It would rally boost the economy.
I love gymbo also and that is where Rosie's birthday outfit came from

Mireille said...

Adorable!! They grow about 2 sizes a year, but since it is so easy to return you did a good thing to buy both, and see how it goes! You could NOT do that anywhere else... do you realize that? Just in the good ol USA!