Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pirate Adventure!

This post could also be called Bethany Beach Part 3. Mirielle, Jeff, & I headed to Ocean City, MD for a little pirate adventure one day. Very cute. All the little pirate girls seemed to enjoy it.
Very excited with her new cap and eye patch
Pretty lil pirates

Nice afternoon, followed by a yummy lunch with the crew at Harpoon Hannas, followed by a little crabbing and hanging out back at the family beach house.
Jasmine and Juliet were really into it and Rubes kinda hung and watched and joined in a little.

Here Jeff got one out of the net for them to all see. Love this shot and how they look like they are posing although they didn't even see me at this point. They were all too engrossed with the crab! Very cute.
Another great day at the beach spent with wonderful new friends! We miss them already!

Tomorrow we are off on another adventure...a beach trip to Wildwood, NJ to spend time with my brother, nephew and cousins. Should be an awesome time!


Wyndee said...

What little cuties!!!!

Jessica said...

I always loved crabbing as kid. We did it at the beach every year. I haven't done it for years.

I love how engrossed everyone is. Better than TV!