Friday, December 23, 2011

More Pre Holiday Stuff!

This year we went with friends to a farm to get our tree. Because, you know, chopping down your own tree is more fun...hahaha. Well, ok, at least the kids thought so!  They had so much fun running around and hiding amongst the trees!
Ava & Ruby
Cuties pies posing amongst the trees
Me and my girl
Ruby loved the sweet little tree but we opted for one a wee bit bigger
Dinner later on at Bertucci's. Rubes snuggles up with her Daddy
Ruby takes a pic of us together
Daddy hoists her up to put the angel on the tree.
3 sweet girls wait for the holiday parade the next day.

This was a few weeks ago. A fun and festive weekend!

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Mireille said...

So cute that pic that Jeff holds her up to put the angel on the top!! Great looking Xmas tree farm!! There are no real trees here in SA :-(