Thursday, May 3, 2012

She Blows Me Away

Last night before bed, Ruby and I did our usual "I love you" and  "I love you, too" as we snuggled close. She talked about Grandma and how much she loves her and then settled into quiet. (My mom was down to visit yesterday and both Ruby and I had an awesome time with her). Anyway, all was quiet and then again..."Mommy,  I looooove you." I smiled and said, "oh honey, I love you, too. I feel so lucky God has given me such a beautiful daughter". Without missing a beat, she said "And God gave ME a beautiful family". Wow. She always blows me away. How blessed I am to have this kid in my life. A thousand times over.

A few random shots here...

Awesome craft she got for her birthday. It's a tote bag you can color yourself. She worked on it diligently for an hour. Couldn't believe how much better her coloring has gotten!
She was so proud of herself...and so were we! She immediately set out to fill it with every conceivable small toy she owns and has been carrying it around for 2 days now. She is quite the "hoarder" these days. We find her little bags all over the house filled to the brim with misc small items.  Could be toys, candy, dandelions you name it! Pretty funny.

This morning at breakfast. I had to get a pic with that headband!

You can heck out my Pretti Mini Parties page if you'd like to see Ruby's birthday party pics. The professional shots are in! My friend, Sarah, did an AMAZING job. Absolutely nailed it and got every family shot I could want, all the party details, fun candids, you name it. I am so so grateful. Please check out her site at:

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excitedtobeafamily said...

What a sweet girl! I bet your heart just melted! Kids are the best!