Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Sling or Not To Sling

That is the question for me today as I ponder my newly purchased baby sling. I had read that it's great to carry your baby in a sling. Great for bonding, great for hands free carrying around, and hey, they can be fashionable, too! Upon some online "research" I find myself at where they have the latest in fashionable slings. I'm like, OH! I can soooo see myself and baby stepping out in style in one of those! They have a ton of gorgeous colors and patterns (which, of course, they encourage you to buy to match with all your outfits). So after drooling on several, I decide on a beautiful red and gold exotic pattern.  Then I google the one I like, find it on super sale at a site called and order it up right away. Well it arrived this weekend and instead of carrying around a big thing of flour or sand (that I have heard of some new mom's doing to get used to the weight) I decided to go for a real live specimen. I did consider sticking the cat or dog in there, but thought better of it. There is the issue of animal hair all over my baby's new sling and then there is the actually getting them in there. LOL!  I was on my way to my brother's house for a Father's Day feast with our Dad so I thought I'd try it out on my adorable, unsuspecting nephew.

The child we are waiting on is about 18 lbs now and I was thinking she may still be small enough when we get her for me to carry her around in a sling.  I know that by the time she gets home I am never going to want to put her down! Now they SAY that this sling is supposed to be good for toddlers up to 35 lbs.  At 31 lbs, I figured my nephew a good weight to try it out. It held him well, but it was kind-of a tight fit and they didn't say how you get a toddler to actually want to STAY in there! I got him to do it by telling him we were going to play "kangaroo".  It worked, but not for long! I kept him in there for a few pictures and bribed him with a little car I got him for being such a good boy. He was so cute. After a few pics, he said, "can I get down now, Aunt Jennifer?" Notice how un-thrilled he looks in this picture. He was just appeasing me, God bless him. Not sure it's for everyone and especially not after they are walking around like my nephew. Going to try returning my sling for the next size up and see if it feels better. I think it's supposed to sit the child lower on your hip. I got a size 2 (they range from 1-4) but am thinking a 3 may be better for a bigger baby.  Of course, then I have to see if I can convince sweet Ryan to play "kangaroo" one more time while Aunt Jennifer practices. :-)

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