Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sleeping Sound In The Big Bed

Not supposed to post pics until we finalize, but I figured we could get away with this one! 

Well, Ruby is sleeping with me full time now and goes down like a happy little camper. She must have just been scared and/or confused waking up in the crib in the near dark. I have a new night light in there, too, which is brighter, and she smiles so big when I tell her she is sleeping with Mommy. (Hopefully, I am not jinxing myself here by saying how we have been sleeping!) I have to admit, it's so sweet having her all snuggled up next to me. We read books with Daddy, then he leaves and I sing lullabies and tuck her in. The full bed in there is not big enough for the 3 of us with the littlest family member flip-flopping around all night! (But I think Daddy doesn't mind too much sprawling out on our bed by himself!) 

Anyway, as night time has improved, nap time has become a struggle. Probably my fault as we had a busy week and we weren't on schedule all the time. One day I let her sleep in the car on my way to somewhere, one day we got back from Little Gym class and went right down, and one time we had errands, got home late, then she didn't want to nap at all. I ended up letting her nap in the big bed twice (vs the crib) and the pic above is what I found when I crept in to check on her. She actually falls asleep like that sometimes and it's really funny.

New words and progress this week! She is not just repeating now, but saying them on her own. This morning, I said, should we go saying morning to Daddy? She jumped up and said Daddy! She comprehends so much and the other night when I said, "hmm, should we sing some lullabies now?" she nodded her head yes! I was like, wow! Last night we went up to bed and she ran to the bathroom and said "brush teeth!" It's only been a few days that she has been saying 2 and 3 words together, other than I love you. She says, Bye-bye, night-night, good-night. When we went to have dinner last night she said EAT for the first time. She likes to say the word "alright!", too, and this morning when her favorite show came on, she squealed with delight and for the first time yelled "WONDER PETS!!!" Yea, I know. Mindless television. But if you saw her little face light up when she sees it, you'd know it is okay. It makes her happy and is a real cute show.

She is singing more and loves "Old MacDonald". She says "ee-i, ee-i" (but not the oh) and today she sang along with an Ella song that says "I love you" at the end. She says "clap" when she wants to hear" If Your Happy & You Know it". Currently, she is helping Daddy vaccum. She thinks the vaccum is very fun and follows us around and has to hold the chord or help push it. God bless her clean, organized little self. If I leave a door or drawer open, she says "oh!" and runs to close it. Everything needs to be in order in this little ones world! How cute she is and what a joy every day is with her in it!


Dawn said...

This might sound wrong but I declare that to be the cutest little bum ever! Thank you for sharing. If baby sleeps Mummy sleeps, if Mummy sleeps everyone is happy. Am I not right?
Oh gosh Ruby is just so lovely....when are you coming to Fl again...soon, please tell me it's soon!

Ellie said...

What a little doll baby! Love that bottom sticking up in the air! We still go in at night and find Laurel sleeping like that frequently! Cute stuff!!!

Kam said...

What a sweet tushie up in the air! I LOVE when they sleep like that! Joel does it too...consequently the front of his diaper sometimes leaks! Oh, the joys of boys! But I sure love that sleeping pose...too cute!

So glad she is doing well. We are here too. Such a miracle.

Love and hugs~

Sharon said...

LOL, just love that Ruby is sleeping with you. They need to be close. 6 years on and Khye and Jaxin still wake up in my bed - I love it!

Maci Miller said...

I love it, too, Sharon! Not only does it make her feel happy and safe but I love waking up to see her sweet little face next to me! We both sleep great, too!

Mireille said...

I love this pose! Dirk is gone all week and I let the girls sleep with me on Saturday and I still love the little faces so close to me... soon they don't want it anymore so I enjoy as long as possible!

rosemary said...

I'm so glad that she is a happy sleeper now and that you are loving holding her close as you fall asleep. What precious memories these will be for you both!! I am so impressed with her verbal skills. What a smart girly our Ruby is!