Monday, November 16, 2009


Are. We. Ever. Spoiled with the sweetest little love bug on the planet (based on our very biased opinion, of course). Spoiled with the happiest days of our lives. And Spoiled with a great, big, beautiful family! My cousins, Angie & Chrissy threw us one amazing shower/welcome home party on Saturday. It was incredible! So great to see all my family members and family friends that I haven't seen for SO long. Wonderful for them to meet Ruby and for me to share her with them. As these things go, it went by way too fast and I long to talk to all of them for a much longer amount of time. (Looking forward to Christmas so we can do it again!) But it was just a really great day and Ruby did fine with it all.  In fact, I think she rather enjoyed it! The pic above is Ruby running to check out all the presents waiting for her.

She was (appropriately) shy when we first arrived, but then warmed up to everyone as the afternoon went on. My cousins were so sweet to be sensitive to it being Ruby's first big bash. We are a big, huggy, kissy, kind of family and I know it took great restraint to not lunge forward and try to pick her up! Thank you all for giving her some time! They set up a small table just for the Grand-mom's, Ruby, & I in the corner so she could eat with the people she knew and get used to it all. So thoughtful! It even had a little "reserved" sign on the table which I thought was just the cutest touch! Chrissy's basement was all done up with pretty, shiny, red decorations that the girls put up. My darling little cousins (well, NOT so little anymore!) Lessi, Nina, and Morgan not only decorated, but made cards and cupcakes and beautiful favors. Nina made these special little desserts with mini-marshmellows and a teddy bear on each one. Ruby went for it immediately and my "no-sugar rule" makes me laugh at myself once again. She ate 3 of those yummies and had chocolate all over her face, but still ate her dinner and tried a bunch of new things including turkey, baked beans, spinach dip, and salad! Ang, Chris, and the family baked all the food and it was excellent. So incredible for them to do this for us! The favors were beautiful little red glass votive candle holders filled with hershey kisses. But the most special thing about them was the card. My sweet cousin, Alessia (Lessi) looked online with her mom to help her find just the right wording. This is what it said: 

"Welcome Ruby to our world
How brave of you to come
We are here to welcome you
As your journey's just begun"
How sweet is that? Even sweeter, though, was how Ruby took to her. After about an hour, Ruby was stuck to her like glue. I even went upstairs for 5 minutes without her noticing I was gone! Talk about a change! She knows who Mommy is and is definately attached so I just reveled in watching her bond with her cousin. They were adorable together! She was happy to see Grandma and Grammy, too, of course, and she gave hugs and kisses to everyone before we left.

Miss Ruby is already quite spoiled by the family. They got her the most beautiful things. We thank you all SO much for all the gorgeous clothes, stuffed animals, books, yoga cards, hats, coats, accessories, etc.! Ruby is going to be seriously warm and stylish this winter! (And probably next winter, too!) I am especially excited to see her in that snowsuit! Angie & the girls got her a play set of princess slippers with little heels and she put them on immediately and started prancing around in them. (This was an instant crowd pleaser and the oo's and ah's she got made the little one even giddier). She is STILL wearing them and has had them on all day today and a lot of yesterday at Grammy & Pappy's. It's the funniest thing to watch her walk around in them like the bell of the ball! I have to say the shoes may be Ruby's favorite thing, but a close second and third would be the awesome tone bells from my mom and the big, red chair with her name on it from my friend Liz. Such wonderful things for our little love! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Here is a funny shot of her sporting her new santa hat and her fancy princess shoes while checking out the big screen. 

We did and overnight at Grammy & Pappy's house and she did great there, too. Was very tired and didn't nap in the car so she slept all night IN THE CRIB. The in-laws were so sweet and had little things all over the house for her. Her crib and changing table all ready for her...some toys and books to play with in the living room... a doll, teddy bear, and football in her crib. Woody will want me to mention, I'm sure, that she grabbed the football first! LOL! They even had a pink rubber ducky in the bathroom. The next day Jeff's Grandma and Aunt Donna came over to meet Ruby. Another great day with some awesome family! 

Ruby is so comfortable with us and now with the grandparents too. It's wonderful to see. Great Grandma (Gigi) brought her some stuffed animals and a beautiful little necklace. It's a gold bow with a little ruby in it. Ruby looked at it once on and said "suay nma! (means beautiful). So funny cause I hadn't heard her say that in a while. She wanted to put it on right away and wore it all afternoon, but now I have it put away for a few years down the road. Aunt Donna has been bringing toys and things up that were her Grandkids so we could really want for nothing. What a great family! We feel loved and blessed and oh so lucky. But, seriously, folks, go easy on Christmas! We have all we need and most of all our little Ruby is home and loved. It's going to be the best holiday ever!

Thank you all so much for being in our life and welcoming our little Ruby home! We love you!


Jessica said...

Ohh, so MUCH fun. What a blessing Ruby is to so many people's lives. It's so much fun to see her make everyone (including herself) shine. She is decked out now in a serious way! You might need a big Christmas tree.

Dawn said...

This post made me cry! But them most things make me cry. She is so happy and so loved it is just so wonderful.

Maci Miller said...

She IS such a blessing and everyone is just loving her up! And Dawn, I can't even read that little saying that was on the favors without tearing up. Some days I just can't believe how lucky I am to have our baby finally home. It's all just incredible! No words describe it!

rosemary said...

How fun and wonderful! I am so happy that you guys are having such a great fall with your family and friends and that everyone is finally getting to love on Ruby!

Julie said...

Just been catching up. We have just got back from Samoa after a relaxing holiday. The spa was fantastic and Panit was happ to be in the pool all day. She is so cute! Glad things are going well

Anonymous said...

What an amazing family and memory of Little Ruby's homecoming. She is such a doll and love reading your posts about life with her. I can totally agree no presents this year for Christmas could ever bring the feelings of gratefulness compared to being a mother.

Ellie said...

What a wonderful party!!! Sounds like you have an amazing family and group of friends! That IS such a sweet, sweet saying on the party favor. What wonderful memories you're making!

Kam said...

Sounds and looks like life is grand up in PA! So glad to read all of this. What a blessing...and what a perfect holiday season you're about to have! Isn't being a mama just the best?

Maci Miller said...

Yes, Kam, being a Mama sure is the best! Worth every second of the torturous wait!

Mireille said...

So happy for you all! This will be such a great holiday season, and indeed no gifts can top this. Having Ruby home is just the BEST!!

Chris and Terri said...

You guys are having a ball and I love reading it!!! I love that your family and friends are SO into her! That is so great! Good Luck with Christmas! Yikes - at some point, the house starts to get small as you smother in toys, clothes and SHOES!!!! LOL