Monday, December 14, 2009


September 14, 2009. A day we will never forget. Gotcha Day. The day we took our precious little girl into our arms and took her with us forever. Jeff reminded me that today was officially 3 months as a family. So odd, I thought. No, it must be longer than that! Most days I totally forget how new this all is for her. She has adapted and accepted all the many changes in her life so quickly. She's a happy kid and just pitter patters around the house like she's always been here. It FEELS like she has always been here. We are bonded as a family and comfortable in a way I never imagined it could be this soon. Life is good at 3 months. And to think, we have so many more!


dawn said...

Happy 3months-aversary.
yes, I did just make up that word. But it has such a nice ring to it. LOL

Jessica said...

Congratulations on 3 months! Where has the time gone? Here's to many, many more glorious months and years with your jewel of a girl.

Anonymous said...

3 months...Wow time flies by before you know it will be 1 year. I am so delighted for you guys. Happy Anniversary.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

crazy isn't it?? I seriously can't remember Hayden not being here, and I am not even sure I would know what to do(other than sleep) if I had a day without her!!

Truly our lives have been changed in a way no one can understand unless they fly halfway across the world and finally meet their child that they have been staring at for what seems like forever. It makes me cry when I even think about it too long, or think about life while waiting...sometimes such painful moments, but so worth it!!

I think we will do montessori pre school too!! We won't go until she is 3, but think that will be the right fit for us too!!

Maci Miller said...

So true, Jules! It's just so incredible and I find myself tearing up at the silliest little things she does....cause well, she's here! She's home with us and it's just the most wonderful natural thing in the world for us all! As if we never went through all that waiting for each other!

We are waiting till Ruby is 3, also for pre school. Have to register this year for next.