Thursday, December 10, 2009

Great Moments...and Preschool

Great moments. Too many to list, but a few highlights:

-Having a nice family dinner with the hubby, my mom, Jason, and Anthony...with Ruby and Ryan sitting at the heads of the table.
-Watching Ruby and Ryan run around the kitchen squealing and laughing as they chase each other and play.
- Watching Ruby snuggle with her Grandma (my mom).
- Watching her climb up on my brother Jason's lap and giggle.
- Watching her face light up whenever Daddy walks into the room and see her take off and run to him.
-Putting Ruby down for a nap and seeing her stare up at me with those big brown eyes while I sing to her.
-The moment Ruby wakes up and see me and gives a great big smile.

This morning we slept in late cause she had a rough night of tossing and turning and a little crying. I wonder if she had nightmares about the doctors office. I woke up and immediately focused on the clock in front of me that said 9:00! Oh my! Music class is at 10:15! I turned over right away to gently wake Ruby. Well, I turned around and there she was wide awake just laying there quietly smiling up at me with this sweet little smile. There is nothing better than that. Okay, except the hugs and morning cuddles that follows!

We were a bit late, but still made our music class and then had lunch with our friends Dawn and little Brianna. A great, long lunch and I think all 4 of us really enjoyed it. On the way home, we stopped off to see this little pre-school I've been wanting to see. In a word: PERFECT! They are sooo sweet and family-like there. The Montessori rooms are adorable and the kids sweet and polite. They looked like they were having fun, too. Ruby loved it there and hardly wanted to leave! Not going to start until next year, but I think this is the one! Ruby was very comfortable and the kids (who will be her classmates) were all so good with her. There was even a darling little (adopted) girl from Guatamala in the class that was close to her age and just as tiny. The 2 sat together at the table working on their little "projects". So cute. I was also happy to find a very diverse group of children, and again I must say how totally sweet they all were. Even the bigger kids came over to say hi to Ruby and sit for a minute, prompting one boy to say, "Boy, the new girl is really popular!" LOL! 

I was told the older kids really look out for the little ones. The kids range from 3-5 so the youngest learn from the older ones. Great concept and I can see how Ruby learns from watching my nephew and other friends kids who are a little older. The place is so charming, too. It's a little red barn schoolhouse and not more than a mile from our house. It's got a nice playground outside and a big barn building behind it where they do gym and music and other activities. For 8 weeks in the winter they even do yoga! I was thrilled to find this out! They also have music, French, art, and multi-cultural studies - even at the preschool level. Not sure about another language, but I guess she will have English pretty well down by next September. The classes are small and the teachers stay with the same kids for a few years forming a bond with the kids. I just love it!


rosemary said...

That sounds like a very cool school! It's fanastic that feel like you've found the one you want to use - it's such a big decision. Congrats!

Jessica said...

What a sweet school. Sounds wonderful. Shoot, I want to go there!!

Maci Miller said...

lol, Jess! Come on over! We'll have coffee in the parking lot while I spy....and you can dry my tears and help me with the obvious Ruby withdrawal I'll be having! I can see it already!

Mireille said...

I know it will be hard, but she will have a GRAND time! It sounds so great!! YOGA... I mean for pre-school, that is a great excercise!!