Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poor Baby!

Today we had to get the last dreaded shots. We have 2 boosters yet, but I'm going to go back twice for them so we can do the mist. I just can't bare to see her get another shot for awhile. The nurses thought it would be a great idea to double up and each take an arm to get it over with quick. Seemed like a great idea at the time, but it REALLY freaked Ruby out. She was screaming and sobbing like I have never seen. I cried, too. So hard to watch her in pain and wondering why and of course, there is no way I could explain WHY she was being tortured. It was just awful!!! She pulled an arm away and got stabbed in the palm by one of the needles about to go in her arm. How she managed to wriggle it away from all 3 of us I just don't know.It happened so quickly. It wasn't a deep stab or anything and they were not concerned, but I think that is the most sore cause she is still nursing it a bit and gives to me and Grandma (who is visiting) for kisses. Poor little thing. Gave her a special treat - raisins and gummy snacks - and she is cuddling with Grandma watching Sesame Street. Going to stay in on this rainy day and have a fun, but relaxing day for her after all the trauma of the morning. Maybe make some more cookies this afternoon. My brother Jason is bringing Ryan over for a play date and dinner tonight.  Good remedy for shots: lots of love, coddles, treats, and play time. Okay, yea, we do this every day (minus the gummies) but today...even more!


Anonymous said...

Aww poor Ruby, it is so awful getting vaccines for this little ones. I am glad to hear she is getting lots of love from you guys.

Mireille said...

Oh my poor baby!! I can feel her pain... and YOURS!!