Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Movie Night

Nice, laid back weekend around here. Friday night play date with Charlsey & John and the kids. Sat and Sun we ran some errands and took Ruby to the play ground and carousel in the mall. Did a lot of playing at home, too. She's really been getting into her kitchen play set a lot and LOVES the Doug & Melissa wooden food play set my mom got her. It has a "knife" that you can "cut" the fruit and veggies with and she will cut them over and over and then put them back. We took her around the kitchen pointing to "Mommy & Daddy's sink"... then "Ruby's sink", and then oven, clock, dishwasher, etc. I think it is becoming more fun as she is starting to get it.

Ended the weekend with family movie night. We received a few movies for Ruby for Christmas and decided to pop in Tinker Bell & The Lost Treasure. My uncle Kev from LA bought it for her, remembering that this is the movie that has the Song & Story CD coming out to promote it this spring. The CD that my song will be on! So it was nice to see the story, but more importantly, it was great to see such a cute movie that was age appropriate for Ruby. Many of the Disney movies are too old or scary for her right now. This one doesn't have an evil character and is a very sweet. A happy ending to a nice, relaxed weekend. We are all feeling better and looking forward to a good week!


Mireille said...

I've just read all the posts I missed because of my traveling and not having a computer. Missed reading about Ruby so much!! But now I have a new Mac book pro, just like you and I can take it anywhere!!
Happy New Year to you, Jeff and Ruby, hopefully it will be as much as a blast as your last 3 months of 2009!!
Love to you all, M

Jessica said...

So glad that Ruby liked that fruit because I brought some for Baby G a while back. Glad to hear it received a thumbs up and that the weekend did too.

Megan said...

I just spent time catching up on all 3 of you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! Ruby sounds like such a dream and that you guys are having fun!! Can't wait to see pics of her!


rosemary said...

That Doug and Melissa stuff is all super cute, isn't it? They're my favorite toys to buy! So excited to hear more about your song and thrilled Ruby liked the movie. It's so true that a lot of those movies seem too scary. I wonder why they do that?