Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Simple Woman's Day Book

Because...I found this on someone else's blog (lovely Karen of Always in My Heart blog) and it was too nice not to try. AND because you can only hear about how great I think my kid is for so long. :-) There will be plenty more posts gushing about how much I love our little munchkin, but for now, something a little different:

A Woman's Day Book:
Outside my window...there is a light dusting of snow. Pretty, but I am happy to be inside.
I am thinking...I sure can't wait until it's warm out and we can go outdoors again! To eat outside, be in the garden, go to the park, the zoo, the beach, etc.
I am thankful amazing little girl, my husband & I being together 17 years, and my girlfriends I got to see yesterday at the auto show.
I am old (& comfy) black skinny jeans and a long sleeved black tee with my warm and fuzzy black Ugg boots.
I am remembering...all the things I need to do, but ignoring them and enjoying some relaxing quiet time anyway! I was so cozy in Ruby's room waiting for her to fall asleep that I decided to stay in here and read and blog instead! Yea!
I am going...a little crazy waiting to see Ruby's giardia test results. After I posted about her being all better it seems to have come back. Yuk!
I am currently reading..."Every Day Blessing, The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting" - beautiful and thought provoking.
I am baby is feeling better soon, the weather will warm up, and the economy will get better. But mostly just the first one!
On my husband and the stress he has been under with his work.
Noticing that...things always tend to work out and are never as bad as I worry they may be! Just need a little faith and a positive attitude!
Pondering these words...that I read on a blog: "World peace begins with Inner peace" (working on mine)
From the kitchen...pumpkin bread and pumpkin cranberry/walnut muffins that I am going to make with Ruby today.
One of my favorite things...Watching my little girl sleep
From my picture journal: refer to Little Miss Ruby Blog

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Mireille said...

Wow, you are blowing my mind away, so beautiful written JEN!!