Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Weekend

View of front yard from my door. That was as far as I would go the first day. We got A LOT of snow. Maybe 30 inches! It was cold and blowing all over the place and none of us were eager to go out in it!
View of the back patio.
I found it interesting that the snow had fallen on my Buddha statue in the form of a cloak. Draped just the way they do in Thailand! Everything else got buried out there except for his head and one shoulder.

Jeff ended up shoveling for a couple hours later that day, while Ruby and I stayed in and kept warm. None of us were embracing the cold or snow that day. Ruby has a cold (again) and was rather sleepy and into snuggling. Suited me just fine! But still, I didn't want her to miss out on snow I asked Jeff to bring some inside in a big tub and we let her play on the kitchen floor in her mittens and jammies. She enjoyed it all the same. Daddy made a great fire, but instead of toasting marshmallows we made little snowmen crafts out of them.

Sunday was such a great day. We fully embraced the snow and had a ball sledding out back. Jeff made her a nice little "toboggan" path and down she went again and again! It was nice and sunny and not that cold out compared to the day before. After a good long time we came in and got all toasty and had soup for lunch. Ruby took a late nap which worked out perfectly cause the timing was good for us to prepare a nice, big dinner. We roasted a whole chicken, roasted a big pan of veggies, made cranberry/walnut stuffing and followed it up with warm chocolate chip cookies. A yummy, cozy evening for 3!

Here are some snow and sledding pics:


Kam said...

Sounds perfect! I'm a tiny bit jealous....but 30 inches? Oh my! Stay warm, my friend! Beautiful pics! Hope Ruby is feeling much better!

Maci Miller said...

Thanks, Kam. I was wrong about the 30 inches...Jeff said it was only 24. ONLY 24. LOL! As if that isn't enough! Looks like I better get creative with indoor activities as we are expected to get another 18 inches in 2 days!

Jessica said...

I love looking at pics of pristine snow. Probably because I don't have to shovel it! I love that you brought the snow in, what fun.

Here's an idea I saw somewhere that I love and we'll never be able to use it here, so I thought I'd pass it on. It's to fill spray bottles with water and food coloring and then "paint" the snow. Of course, if you did that, your beautiful white snows pics, might not be as beautiful and white.

Maci Miller said...

Not a bad idea, Jess. I am in need of creative ideas since we have another snow storm coming. I'll let you know if we try it and post pics!

Chris and Terri said...

Oh I love the thought of bringing the snow inside!

Doing some catchup blogging and it's great to see that everything is great at your house!

I can't see me "going with Mother Nature" though. I'm a warm weather girl and I do not like or enjoy the snow 99% of the time. LOL Inside might be different though. Trying that tomorrow!

rosemary said...

Salsa in china blog (link is on my page) has the best indoor activities listed on her page because she has been having to entertain her 4 yr. old TWINS inside for weeks now due to some crazy rainstorms. You should check her out. Her ideas were great - I wrote a bunch of them down. Good luck, babe!!

Nichole and Craig said...

Looks like you had lots of fun. I am laughing that your brought the snow inside for her. That is so sweet.

Jaxin does mind the snow either, but I dislike it ALOT. I can't believe I live where I do 8-)