Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Know You Should Be Off The Bottle...

when you start reading it! Okay, not totally, but yesterday I gave her a bottle half filled with water. She took a few sips and then took it out of her mouth looked at it curiously. I thought, "oh, she is not liking the water". But she didn't protest. Instead she starting saying the letters! "B" "O" "R"! (It says Born Free)! Could not believe it. Then she turned it around and started counting! I looked at it and realized it had measurements up the side! She is recognizing letters and numbers! So cool!
She also recognizes her name now. It is spelled out on her bedroom wall and we've gone over it maybe a half dozen times. She knows "R" and I always tell her R is for Ruby! Well, the other day I wrote her name on her water cup and she looked at it and pointed to each letter. R-U-B-Y! I was like - YEA!!!! RUBY!!!

Today Ruby's teacher, Jen, was here and she brought some great stuff. They did a few games and puzzles and Ruby did well. Next week is the evaluation with our local early intervention social workers. Once Ruby is 3, she goes into some other program so she needs to be re-evaluated to see if she qualifies. Jen and I both think Ruby won't qualify this time. And I'm glad. I love the extra help but I love that she is doing so well much more! (So proud of you sweetheart!)

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