Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Miss Songkran

Thai Princess for a day! Proud Mommy and Pa get to hold her for a brief second before she is off running again. Think she was getting rather tired of having her picture taken at this point but we couldn't resist a quick family shot! We went to a Songkran Festival yesterday in NJ - way up near Allentown, PA. It took us a good hour and half to get there, but it was worth the drive. Here's how our day went:
At home in her Thai outfit before we left. I am really glad we took the time to get this in Thailand. MBK was so crowded and Ruby was melting down here and there. We thought about giving up, but now I am so glad we didn't! Only wishing I bought more in bigger sizes. She was oh so excited when I put it on her. I also let her wear an amulet that was a gift from Anna and her family. It is a monk from NST where she is from. I put it on a chain for her and she smiled big and said thank you. She was very proud of her "neckess" and pretty outfit. 
Mommy and Ruby. I got a little festive myself and wrapped a Northern style Thai wrap around me and over one shoulder and paired it with a longish black pencil skirt. It was so nice to feel all glam for a change, but I gotta tell you, it's not practical Mommy wear for bending and scooping up a toddler! I was tugging and tucking in the shirt all evening. Needed about 3 more pins, but managed to keep it all in and no flashing, thank God! As much as I LOVE to dress up, I have to admit by the end of the night I was so ready to ditch the high heels, complicated top, and layers of Thai jewelry for my pj's! LOL! 
Daddy and Ruby. She is proudly holding a pink ribbon they gave to the little girls. Daddy didn't have anything Thai-ish to wear so he wore a pink shirt in honor of the king. Mommy thought this was very cute of him!
Trying to get a group of kids to all pose together is mission impossible, but they are so cute you gotta try anyway!
Now there's the happy smile we know and love! 
Sawadee ka!
Beautiful Thai dancer. Ruby was mesmerized.
This dancer she liked even more. Maybe the colorful costume or sweet smile on the lady's face. She watched intensely, as if studying every move.
...and then started imitating her. She was so serious and focused, it cracked us up.
Pretty little princesses!
These are the real Miss Songkran contestants and they let all the little ones in on it. It was so sweet. Ruby liked this one girl on the end and stood with her a long time.
A better view of them all together. People would come up and adorn them with "flowers" (ei: a lei). It was so loud and crowded that it took us a few minutes to figure out what they were doing and where they were coming from. Whoever gets the most "flowers" win. I am guessing they do this with real flower lei's in Thailand.
Finally, we found the lady selling them for a dollar and put a couple on Ruby. Others put them on Ruby, too, and she looked at it strangely at first and then seemed to like it. She would say thank you to most every one that gave her one. Especially sweet was a cute little boy that came over to give her one. Wish I was quicker with that camera but there was a flurry of activity going on and everyone trying to take pictures. Tried to capture Daddy giving her one, but he was too quick!
Quite a collection! We gave them back though before leaving. No luau planned for our immediate future! Maybe when she is older, but a princess party is next year's theme! 
All the girls were beautiful, but this year's Miss Songkran was the one in the middle with all the lei's. She got the biggest crown and bouquet of flowers, but all the girls got a crown - such a nice touch! The older girls also all got flowers.
Getting "crowned" by Ammara, the lovely lady that is the VP of the North East Thai Association and the one who invited us there. I should have gotten a picture with her. She is so nice and I have to add that her outfit was gorgeous. So many of the ladies had such pretty traditional gowns on. I may need to get me one next time we go to Thailand!
Showing off her crown for the admirers.
And trying to keep it on.
I called to her and asked for one more picture and in true princess fashion she did a curtsey! I never taught her that. Think she got it from Little Einsteins. What a character! What a fun time! Slept a little in the car on the way home and then like a rock when we finally got home. We did, too!


Nichole and Craig said...

Looks like she had a great time. She is a true little princess. I wish there was more Thai influance where we lived. We don't even have a Thai temple to visit. We are hoping to attend the Thai adoption reunion in the US next year if Jaxin has his passport on time.

Jessica said...

Look at Ruby wai. Heart melting.

Everyone looks beautiful! Nice touch, Jeff, with the pink shirt!

dawn said...

Ruby is just so gorgeous. I cannot believe how much she has grown in such a short time.
You both looked lovely at the festival and Ruby looks so happy. ~bliss, I tell you, bliss.

Maci Miller said...

It is bliss, Dawn. It really is. Sometimes I still think about how lucky I am to hold her and touch her sweet face and lie with her and cuddle when she wakes up... that it makes me teary. Haha. Once a sap, always a sap! But who could help it?

rosemary said...

OMG! How freakin' cute is that traditional outfit you have her in?? I LOVE IT!!

Mireille said...

Too too cute!! I will definitely bring some more outfits for her from my trip to Thailand!!