Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Happy Mother's Day!

My first Mother's Day. How nice a ring that has, huh? Waking up to her sweet face, holding her close, and the 3 of us snuggling...what better way could there be to start the day? How I love this sweet girl! How she has made my life complete!

I had great plans for this day...brunch at the Four Seasons, trip to the zoo, perhaps a picnic, breakfast with my mom...all of which did not work out for one reason or another. Mom had to go home and the Four Seasons could only take us at 4pm which is too late for lunch and too early for dinner. The weather was SOOO chilly and windy that we couldn't bare the thought of walking around outside so that means the zoo was out of the question. So, we came up with a plan B. Let Ruby sleep in, take our time, have lunch at home, and head to the NJ Aquarium for the day. Ruby loved it and we had a lot of fun. We had taken her to an aquarium in Bangkok, but of course everything was so scary and new then. It was really amazing to see how she has come into her own and see her now enjoy this so much. She was so excited, got to pet a starfish, and loved all the different fish and sharks. She was especially ga-ga for the hippos. I don't know when exactly she started this fascination with hippos, but it's really cute. I showed her pics of the aquarium before we left and she was so excited when I told her she would see them. And when she actually did she just stared in complete amazement. I have to say they were quite cool. She liked the penguins, also, and the 4D penguin movie. However, the Planet Earth movie scared her a bit. She crawled onto my lap which I must admit I loved. How I love to hold her. But when she buried her head in my shoulder we got up to leave. We hit the bottom of the step and found it was over anyway! She quickly forgot about it when I produced a snack and her water bottle. :-)
 Here are some shots of our day:
Photo op in a "sharks" mouth. Ruby was not as excited as Mommy about this one.

Jeff cracked up over this pic cause we have nearly the same expression on our face as we're watching the  penguins. We were willing them to move from their sunning meditative state. Ruby said "Go, go penguin! Swim!!!"
Now this was a photo op Ruby could get into.
Probably the highlight of her day...getting her face painted. When we asked her what she wanted she said bumble bee. They gave her a few bees and flowers and she was thrilled!
Checking herself out and happy with the results! 
Happy to pose for Mommy.
And now a few silly shots of us in our 4D glasses...
The Hubster
The Bumble Bee Flower girl
And the Momster...yes, we know we look like geeks. But I assure you, it's all the rage at the theaters.

Jeff was so good to me this weekend. He bought me a lovely bouquet of red roses and while lilies. Gorgeous. He gave me a beautiful card with words so sweet and then a cute little Disney card from Ruby where he had her scribble near her name. It's the best scribble I've ever read! I'm a mom and not just any mom but HER mom. Of course, I am biased, but to me she is the sweetest, most lovable, huggable, darling, fun, beautiful, happy, silly little girl on the planet. My greatest gift. My greatest joy. The love of our lives. It doesn't matter where we go or what we long as you are there with us. I love being your Mommy!

Wishing all the new moms, old moms, grandmoms and soon-to-be moms a very wonderful day!


christina said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!! You deserve it! Isn't it funny that although it's Mother's Day it really is all about the kid(s)? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...Happiest of Mother's Days to you. Ruby is just adorable and looks so pleased with herself with her painted face. (great shot) I love the pictures and the pictures show your joy.

Jessica said...

When I tried to make lunch reservations, we had a similar problem. They said the earliest they had was eight PM! Matt went early and was an excellent placeholder!

So glad your day at the aquarium was lovely though. Sounds like a fabulous first Mother's Day. Here's to many, many more!

P.S. - I'm loving your earrings. Very Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Glad you all had a wonderful day...looks like it was fun.

I also love that the red boots are still being fashioned. Oh for the love of BOOTS!! We are still wearing our wellies daily....whether they match or not:)

Maci Miller said...

Thanks, Jess about the earrings. My mother-in-law got them in the Carribbean somewhere and got them for my birthday last year. I love them. Ruby got some butterfly earrings, too. They are these tiny cute little pink chrystal butterflies on a gold post. Have to wait a bit for hear to where cause her starter earring have to be in for a bit, but they are sooo cute. Can't wait to see them on her.

LOL, Jules - she wants to wear them all the time or her red shoes. She LOVES red so her name matches her well! :-)

And yes, Christina, is about the kids, really, but that's okay. I waited so long to be a momma. Down the road, I'll be sneaking out for a day of spa pampering FOR SURE, but for now I'm content to just see her having a fun day.

Hope all of you had an awesome day! Jess - next year's gonna be even better!!!!!

Maci Miller said...

OH, and Liz has Lyla had her face painted yet? Ruby has seen the stations set up before but we never had time or patience with all the lines at different events. So yea, she was pretty thrilled!

Mireille said...

Happy 1st Mother's Day, such a special day! And yes, it is all about the kids, at my house too ;-)

rosemary said...

I love that darling pic of her showing off her face paint! She looks so cute!! I'm glad you had a great day. It was such a HAPPY first wasn't it?

Tell Ruby that I love hippos too. You should get her that classic Disney Fantasia movie. There is a whole scene of dancing hippos in that. I'm an adult and I still think it's the cutest thing I've ever seen and when I was a little girl I was just crazy for it!

Maci Miller said...

Thanks for the tip, Rosemary! I will look for that. Right now it is all about The Princess and The Frog and she still LOVES her Barbie movies...especially the Island Princess. We know it by heart now!

dawn said...

Love all the photos but the one of you and Ruby is a treasure. So glad your Mothers Day was extra special.

Ellie said...

Looks like you've had some super fun days lately! And what a wonderful way to celebrate your first Mother's Day with Ruby home! I still don't think it's your first Mother's Day, but definitely SOOO much better with her here. I was just remembering your Mother's Day last year. This year, is a 180 from last year! So happy for you!