Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bye Bye Bottle!

Well, I didn't want to write about it until a few days had past and I was sure it was true. But, low and behold, we have officially KICKED THE BOTTLE! After the ear doc told Ruby (and me) it wasn't good for her ears I stopped that night. She whined for about 5 minutes and that was it. I reminded her what the Dr. said and that it could hurt her ears and teeth. She asked for it again the next night and it was over in even less time. Never mentioned it again. Wow. I never thought it'd be so easy! I find myself mixed with excitement, pride, and a little sappy sentiment - for it is another sign of her growing up soooo fast! Without the bottle, she doesn't stay on my lap as long for lullabies. (Boo hoo) She'd rather wriggle out and lay beside me or go to her crib. Takes a little longer to get her down, too, but not much. But oh, how I already miss holding her like a baby and watching her drink her bottle. Thank God for our morning snuggles! I'm holding on to them as long as I can!

On another note, I started flossing her teeth and she is quite fascinated. Go figure! I did it once and now she requests it once or twice a day. This kid never ceases to amaze me!


dawn said...

I just sold our rocking chair since we don't even use it anymore...sigh! All these steps towards independence are making me cry.
Congrats on kicking the bottle to the curb...I think.

Jessica said...

Good for Ruby. And, now we know the secret, have the doctor lay down the law.

Are you using minty floss, maybe that's why Ruby likes it. (Or, she's just a fan of good oral hygiene!)

Maci Miller said...

Seriously, Jess, she is just a fan of oral hygiene. Not the minty kind. It cracks me up but she asks to use my toothpaste sometimes and she is equally obsessed with washing her hands. But, hey! All good habits!:-)

Chris and Terri said...

Love that she's doing SO great! Doing some catchup reading today. Pictures are so wonderful and love that you actually got a night out.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

why do they have to grow up?? We kicked the bottle a few months ago...the binky will be a whole other story!! gotta start on that soon. But now Hayden is bringing me diapers saying "change" NOOOOOO I want you to be a baby a little longer.

Way to go Ruby!! The doctor said, and so I follow his advice. Flossing?? wow that is great, we love to brush our teeth, but not sure how flossing will go over:)