Friday, May 7, 2010

My Daughter Sleeps With A Sponge...and other Hilarities

Yes. She has added a sponge from her housekeeping cart to her bed time entourage. Too funny. She loves that thing. "Cleans" with it, pretends it's a make-up sponge, and now sleeps with it. Amazing the things kids find entertaining. Gotta sneak that thing out for another cleaning.

Another (gross) but funny story. Today she actually went on her potty but it was because I knew she was about to go and we were in the bathroom anyway. I made a big deal of it as if it was her idea. After she was done she proudly looked in her potty. I said YOU DID IT! And she said "LOOK!" Yes, I see it, honey, you went potty! "LOOK! HIPPO!" she said. "Hippo???" I said. "Hippo!" she said. "Do you think it looks like a hippo?" "YES!" Uh, okay, if you say so. I had another word to describe it and it wasn't that! (YUK!) Ah, the creative mind of a toddler.

And since that one was rather disgusting, I will leave you on a lighter note. We haven't really been potty training for the last few days. Just here and there and SHE actually brought it up twice since I didn't! But this picture was from the last day of potty boot camp where I asked her every half hour.  It's also the day she abruptly decided she wasn't interested anymore. In a last ditch attempt, I said cheerfully, "Come on, Ruby! Let's go potty!" THIS was the response I got.
Yea, uh. Think that's a definite NO.


Ellie said...

I LOVE the pic of her retreat from your potty request!!! And what a creative little girl you have, seeing a hippo in her poo!!! :) An artist for sure! LOL!

I've enjoyed catching up on your posts! Sounds like you're enjoying life with Little Ruby to the max!

Maci Miller said...

Yea, that's creative alright! The kid cracks me up on a daily basis! Forgive me, but I've never talked about poop so much in my life! LOL!

dawn said...

He he he, I think Ruby is trying to tell you something. That is the funniest thing I have seen.