Monday, July 19, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

What a vacation! The hotel was far better than I expected. The ocean view was incredible. One morning Jeff & I got up early and watched the sun rise from our balcony. Breathtaking. Been so long since we've done that! The room was big, roomy, and very clean. Not 5 star by any stretch, but for a Wildwood, NJ hotel is was pretty good. I was more than content. We moved in our ten tons of luggage and got ready for fun! Oh and the fun we had! I can't remember the last time we all relaxed so much and yet at the same time we were always busy talking or eating or playing or running from beach to pool. It was a big, fun group and everyone was feeling jovial. The kids were REALLY excited to see each other. I let my hair down. Literally. Didn't touch the hair dryer the whole weekend. Didn't fuss over my hair or make-up or what I was gonna wear...which is rare for me. I even had too much fun to stop and get out the camera much or focus on getting "THE" shot. We all went with the flow and changed plans - sometimes 3 times - just to hang with everyone. And yet somehow it was all so stress free and fun.

We were greeted the first day by my brother, nephews, cousins, Dad, and uncle who had a ton of food out for lunch. They invited us over and we all ate and caught up and then hit the pool. Ruby is such a water baby. Had her arm swimmies and intertube on she was ready to go! She was all Daddy's girl in the pool since he is far more fun (and less paranoid) than me. He lets her go in the deep end (while my heart skips a beat) but he was always right there beside her. It was so cute to see her "swimming" around the pool. She'd kick her legs and scoop her hands like crazy but she would kind of pitter patter and not move much for all her effort. Wish I took a video cause it was so cute. She'd say "LOOK, Mommy! Swimming!" Yea, Ruby, you sure are!

After an hour or so we left and walked to the beach - which was steps away. And that's about how the whole trip went. Beach! Fun! GREAT time with family! Lots of pool and beach time. Our friends Charlsey & John came down with their kids also to join in on the fun. At times it was a little challenging to coordinate all of our schedules. People came and went. Sometimes - usually at the beach - we all huddled together and would talk and laugh and catch up with each other while the kids played. Other times we'd do our thing or hang with part of the group and meet up with everyone else shortly thereafter. Still, no one seemed to mind and everyone had such a blast. Really hated to leave!

Ruby and my cousin Angie's daughter, Nina, have formed a special bond on the last few visits. They were so sweet together and probably the best part about both of their trips. They were inseparable the whole time....both so excited each day they saw each other again. It was so wonderful to see everyone and we are already thinking of when we can all get together again. So lucky to have this great big family!

As for Rubes...she had such a blast. I'm glad I had my dark shades on cause there were a few times I teared up at the site of her. Just standing on the beach watching my daughter laugh her head off at the waves... or laugh and smile with her with her friend Ava.... splash in the pool... it was so beautiful to see. I just think of where she was last year and how happy she is now. I think of all the kids still not home and it hurts my heart for them and their families. And I think about how lucky and blessed and grateful I am to have this sweet girl in our lives. We are having the best summer ever and it's because of one awesome little girl my cousin Dino dubbled "smiley". Thank God for you, Rubes! And thank God for such wonderful family, wonderful trips, and times in our life.

A few pics...
Ruby and the view from our room

Chilling in the room before breakfast

Camping out with Ava and Logan in their room..watching Nemo for a bit before bed.

Hitting the beach. Doesn't look happy here but I assure you she sure was!

Ready to jump the waves!

Ava and Ruby loving the ocean

Daddy and Ruby ready to hit the rides. They had fireworks that night which was so great. Much louder and closer than 4th of July but Ruby didn't mind it one bit. She kept saying " LOOK! Firecracks!" Adorable.
Loving the rides.
Getting a hand from cousin Nina on the beach.
Happy cousins enjoying their time together.
Ryan gets some Nina time too. She is such a sweetheart and so good with the little ones.
Jeff, Ruby, Nina, Lessi, and (their dad) Dino
Our beautiful sunrise the last morning. View from our deck. Ahhh...when do we go back?


Jessica said...

Looks like a great time. Sounds like Ruby is becoming a true fish. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't think I've even been to the beach once this year! Thanks for reminding me that I need to get moving!

Donna said...

I just love the beach pictures, the kids all look like they are in heaven..My Ruby is sooo beautiful...and my Ryan is such a cute little man..I could eat them up...Looks like you all had a wonderful time... love you, Mom

Kam said...

I can't wait to take Joel to the beach! Miss Ruby looks divine in her shades and suit! :)