Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Speech Teacher

In a word: AWESOME! We met Ruby's new speech therapist for the first time today and she is really fantastic. Warm, engaging, really creative, and made it fun for Ruby. She had a nice folder for us that included all her numbers and info, a schedule, and a chart that shows us at what age kids usually pronounce a particular sound (vowel/dipthongs). Very nice to have and I am loving her organization skills! Ruby is ahead on some sounds (sh/ch/b/k/g) but behind in others (w/t/f/r). But she did very well with Miss Kyle today and I am feeling so good about the coming sessions. Wonderful to have such a great teacher! At the end of the session she walked Ruby over to look at all the different games and puzzles she had on the shelf. She let her try them, hold them, and see what fun she is going to have on future visits. Ruby liked this and we all agreed we would have lots of fun next time. So grateful for this great opportunity for my baby! Next up is starting school! She begins in 2 weeks. Fingers crossed it goes as well as summer camp.


Anonymous said...

This is great news. We are amazed with Lyla's progress over the last six months she has been in speech therapy. She talks all of the time each week there seems like there is a new group of words. Good luck to you and Ruby. It will be wonderful.

Maci Miller said...

Thanks, Liz. That is wonderful to hear about Lyla! We go to the doc today to retest her hearing post-op.