Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creative Expression

We are big on that around here. Whether we are painting, cutting, glueing, cooking, or just pretending to cook...there are many opportunities for Ruby to get her artsy little groove on. And of course there is music and dancing! But this post is about the expression and love of getting messy creative with art and food!
Ruby and Ryan painting pumpkins. I love how they are so focused.
Ryan neat and tidy with his lil masterpiece.
Ruby all proud of her, uh, mess art. It is now a lovely shade of grey-green. But hey, perfect for Halloween, right? Final product got the googley eyes on them today. (See above)
So into it! The inner artist in me had to keep the other colors away from this one. LOL. It is still nice and yellow. :-)
Making a fabulous mess with rice and different pastas and loving every minute of it. Thank God for the Oreck!
So darn serious as she decorates the pizza. This child is so like me sometimes it's scary. I am very serious when I cook/bake (as to not screw anything up!)
Looking quite pleased with her creation and seemingly deciding if we need more artichokes.

How I love this kid. And how we love our creative projects around here. Always open for suggestions so if you and your kid do some fun artsy/crafty/cooking stuff that you really enjoy, please share!


Nichole and Craig said...

You ones have so much fun. Love the grey green one 8-)

Ellie said...

Looks like you've been super busy having nothing but fun!!! Enjoyed catching up on your posts!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous looking pumpkins.