Monday, October 25, 2010

One Gorgeous Day

Took my girls for a walk in the park today and WOW what a display! The weather really warmed up this week and the big change gave way to some amazing color! It was warm but windy and oh so picturesque that I just wanted to bottle it up and save it for one of those much colder days to come. We ate our picnic lunch under a gazebo and then walked the dog and hit the playground. Such a mellow Monday where I got nothing done but had such a great time with Ruby that I didn't beat myself up about it.

This beautiful tree gave us the best photo op. Such gorgeous color I had to take pics!
Nothing more to say but a big old thanks to mother nature!

Happy Fall!


Jessica said...

So envious of your beautiful leaves! My niece wanted to collect leaves the other day but deemed them all "not so good."

Sounds like a great Monday. We got very little done here today too but soaked up sun. We need to live closer. We could be messy together.

Maci Miller said...

I wish we could be messy together, too! Hope things are going great with the little man!

Wendy said...

Best fall we've had in a long time, don't you think? The colors this year are amazing. Do you think it's because it basically never rained all summer?!

Love the pictures of Miss Ruby and the pooch amongst the leaves!

chris & ben said...

Oh! I miss East coast autumns soooooo much! That was my most favorite season. R looks like she's having so much fun.

Ellie said...

Beautiful, Beautiful Leaves!!! And you have beautiful subjects to photograph, too!! :)

Kam said...

So nice to catch up on you guys and see all that Miss Ruby is up to. So glad things are continually going well. She is beautiful and so poised.

Joel is being reevaluated for speech therapy next week. He was tested in March and failed miserably...they said that he hadn't been home long enough for them to be of service to him...that we should return after he's been home a year and they would test him again. I'm sure he will do fine this time and they will see his need for help. He talks ALL THE TIME! Still, so many of the sounds in English, he just can't make yet. But he tries so hard.

Anyway, Ruby is adorable as usual and you look like you're the mama we always knew you'd be! "Happy Fall" back atcha~