Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 - Part One

The table ready for Christmas eve.
Table for 3 this year. It was much fancier than the meal, LOL. I didn't pull the turkey out soon enough and it wasn't thawed! So in a pinch, we went to our fav local Italian store that sells homemade pasta and the yummiest marinara sauce. It saved our dinner and everyone was happy. (Thankfully, I have an easy crowd here). The Christmas cookies WERE made by me though and quite good if I do say so myself!
Daddy and Ruby dressed for church.
Mom and Rubes in our shades of purple. 
Ruby wanted the camera and actually took this pic of Jeff and I. Not bad kid!
We went to a beautiful service that had a live nativity scene complete with animals. Ruby was awed by it and was enjoying all the music and drama until we got to the last half hour. Was getting a bit sleepy by then and it was a 2 hour service. Still, she snuggled in Daddy's arms and listened quietly. It was really nice. They had a huge choir which Ruby never saw before and she really enjoyed it. Her mouth formed a big O as she tried to mimic the choir and sing along.
Being silly and riding her little stick horse back at home.
Bossing the dog who was afraid of her and that horse!
This was a fun moment. We let her open a gift Christmas eve. It was a bag with jammies and slippers. Well, she ripped into the bag and tossed the paper and the PJ's on the floor without a second thought! I was laughing, trying to tell her they were in there too, but she was to enamored with her Elmo slippers.
I am still trying to show her the jammies (and get her in them) but to no avail. It's all about Elmo. :-)
Finally in her jammies and still thinking those things are the greatest ever.
I love Max looking on, wondering what all the fuss is about!
Being silly and singing at this point.
After HOURS of trying to get her to sleep, she was finally out around (gasp) 11. I guess she was just too excited. I laid upstairs for at least and hour singing and singing until I could no longer. I finally just turned the light out and pretended to sleep. Thought I was going to fall asleep until 15 minutes later I heard snoring! Hallalujah! Ran downstairs as quietly and quickly as I could. Daddy & I got to work, filled her stocking and set the stage for Christmas morning.

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Jessica said...

Loving you guys in the purple. I think you have a future photographer in Ruby!

I tried to find cute Christmas PJs for Team but never lucked out with ones I liked. Ruby's Elmo slippers are adorable. No one she loved them so. Fun feet!