Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lots of Catch Up!

The last couple weeks have been a wild ride! I had strep throat (AGAIN) and had to go to the Dr's - for both my strep and then for Ruby's really bad eczema. I had my front tooth repaired (after having chipped it), and my car totaled.  Rubes has been having sleep issues for a month now and I am determined to find a gentle way to get her sleeping in her own bed and still feel safe and secure. This is a discussion for another post, but suffice it say we have had talks, books are ordered, and we've had some progress. 

However, in the last couple weeks I have also had my awesome long lost cousin Kristy visit, a full house of family last Tues and Wed and big fun party with them all. Which was a BLAST, of course, but exhausting. In and around all of this, we had school, little gym, ballet class, library field trip with Ruby's school, a fab box of fairy gorgeousness come in from Halo Heaven, (followed by late night glittering of one certain tutu cause it didn't have enough "bling"). Ruby and I had lunch in the city with some of my girlfriends then hit the Phila flower show. We had an awesome day with a wonderful bloggy friend her adorable daughter (that I finally got to meet), a play date in the park, a visit from the in-laws, a full shopping day (oo-la-la!) and a princess party all in the last few days. And you know, I'm not even that tired tonight. 

You'd think I have a TON of pics for all this, but not as many as you'd think. Still, I have a good couple photo filled posts coming. Stay tuned. 

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Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Yay for the sleep issues improving. Yes it is hard to let them grow up.... I want to snuggle with H until she is 18!! So hard, trust me, but I am also a better mommy and H is happier when we all sleep well!!

Ww really can't tell you how much we loved seeing you guys!! I knew we would be "real" friends:)

Hugs to you both!