Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer In April

Yes, it was summer. For one happy day in April. Monday's temps went well into the 80's sending us all outside for fun in the sun. Rubes was thrilled to spend her bday splashing and playing with the hose and water table. Mommy was especially excited to see her new tutu swimsuit fit beautifully. :-)
Wasn't long b4 she started dunking.
Then she had to come show me each time, of course. 
"Look I'm wet!" Yes, I see sweetheart.
Silly bug. She had so much fun. And so did I! Daddy weeded. Ruby played. And Mommy had a long overdue rest on her bum for a few hours...basking in the sun. 


Ellie said...

Cute!!! Lily has that exact same swimsuit! :)

Jessica said...

We've been living outdoors too. I love it. And it's so much better when they can dunk their heads outside. T has been known to dunk his while brushing his teeth. So much messier!