Sunday, May 22, 2011

Party Girl

It was a party weekend around here. Saturday started with a bowling party for my nephew, Ryan.
Sweet pea waiting her turn. Haha, you should have seen her face when they handed her the shoes. Her smile was quickly replaced by a look like - "seriously? You want me to wear THOSE?" LOL, she's so like me sometimes it's scary. She looked at me for approval (as if surely Mommy will agree that they are not too fashionable!) and I assured her they were really cool shoes and so fun for bowling (ha!) She seem happy with that response and put them on.
Again there was disappointment when she tried to pick up the heavy ball. Oh and then there was the incident of one of them rolling over her finger while trying to pick it up. Ouchy! Let's just say bowling was not "love at her first try".
However, with a little determination and help from her Daddy, she soon enjoyed herself. I had to leave to work my first Nissan event (boo-hoo) and Jeff took her to the 2nd party of the day. It was a b-day party for one of her classmates' brothers that included a magic show. Jeff was too busy to take any pics but said it was a lot of fun.
Hmmm... If I was to guess I would say I think she liked the magic show. Pranced around in her magic hat for much of the next day.
I love all this animation. Such a trip. When telling me about the bunny he made appear I asked her how she thought he did that?? She said. "Um...I think it was fairies." I just love her.
Here she is waiting for me, hanging out by my new car. After months of trying to decide (and save) I finally broke down and got myself this last week. It's a 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan. It's not my BMW, but it is really cute, sporty, and great on gas. Has a nice interior too and navigation. I'm happy.
Magic Miss casting spells around the yard.
Party no. 3 was over at my bro's house on Sunday. A family party to continue the celebration of Ryan's bday. Jeff and Ruby outside by the fire pit.
A few of our kiddos waiting for the cake.
A sweet shot of Ryan beaming up at his Dad while we sang Happy Birthday. Couldn't get a single decent shot of him the day b4 at the bowling party. Was having way to much fun to stop for a picture! This photo makes up for it tenfold.
Cracked up at Ruby delicately walking through the yard. "I don't like mud, Mommy. Mud is for pigs. Pick me up." LOL! I told her she would survive just fine and it wouldn't hurt her and in no time she was running with all the kids. Too funny, my girlie girl.
Grandma surprises us!
Me and mom....who is 40 lbs lighter and feeling better than ever! Go Mom!
My brother and nephews hanging by "The Pit". 
Most of the gang at Jason's. 5 little kiddos (not pictured) were jumping in the bounce house. A good time was had by young and old alike, but it's time to put away our party shoes and rest now!


dawn said...

Your Mum looks terrific, way to go Jen's Mum.
I understand Rubies disgust at the shoes, REALLY. Rosie dislikes them also.
We need to get these girls together.

Jessica said...

That's a riot about Ruby and the bowling shoes. Smart girl. Fashionable girl.

Isn't it funny how the kid parties now take up our weekends?Our June is packed with kid parties. The funny thing is they always turn out to be really fun for the adults too.

Kudos to your mom for the weight loss too!