Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bethany Beach Part 1

We just got back from the beach tonight. What a great week! Sun, fun, friends, and family. Makes for some nice long days and solid sleeps! Mon-Fri we stayed with my friend, Mireille, and her girls. Such a great time. Mireille (as those who follow her blog know) is this amazing person. Fun, dynamic, interesting, easy going, and kind person. So easy to be around. JJ & Jezz are adorable and sweet. The kids had fun together and Mireille and I chatted into the wee hours. Was so great to talk about everything from food to life to travel to decor to kids and everything in between. They brought Ruby the sweetest gifts - a cute backpack and birdie change purse (that Rubes has been carrying everywhere) and some gorgeous jewelry from India. Mommy is especially excited for her to wear the head jewel for some occasion. Thanks so much Mireille for your kindness!

Here are a few beach pics for ya b4 I crash:

1st day at the beach

Loving the sand.

Back at the house with all the kids. There was another friend of Mireille's there the first 2 days with her 2 boys. All the kids warmed up to each other the 1st night and stayed up way late. A lot of fun for them!

Hooray for rides!

And hooray for Jasmine and Juliet, too! The 3 of them had a blast together on the rides.

On the tea cups!

Back at the beach

The girls were on the hunt for jelly fish and found this huge one. Don't worry, Jasmine knew that when the tenticles are gone they don't sting.

Ruby going for a jelly fish in the bucket.

Love this funny shot. Rubes is engrossed in sand play while the rest of the kids on the beach find another big jelly fish.

Lil miss LOVES the water.

Ready to "surf" the waves.

JJ & Ruby playing together in the sand.

Love this shot too. 3 sweet girls enjoying the ocean.

Friday we moved to the family house to meet Daddy, Grammy, & Pappy. After some time on the beach, Rubes likes a little pool time. Here she is "fishing".

Daddy and Ruby having a moment on the canal.

They are looking at this huge bird that came to visit. A Heron maybe??

Here it is in flight.

Our lil bikini babe having a ball in the sand yesterday. She was absolutely COVERED in it by the time we left.

Daddy made her into a little mermaid. She loved it.

More soon...sleep is calling. Tomorrow we have Ruby's ceremony followed by a trip back to the beach for fireworks and another 4 days at the family beach house. Loving the lazy summer beach life!

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Jessica said...

Beach beauties. How fun you got to meet up with Mireille. There's nothing like playing in the sun/sand during the day and sleeping soundly at night! I hope your still enjoying the fun.

Ellie said...

Wow, Jen!!! Looks like you've had a WONDERFUL time!!! HOw fun for you, Mireille, and the girls!!! Glad you're enjoying the sun, sand, and water!!!

Mireille said...

Oh Jen, these pictures are FAB!! Love all these shots!!