Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea Party In NYC

Life is full a wonderful things. One of them is the friends you meet along the way.
Last week Ruby and I headed to New York for the day to see our friends Mireille and daughters Jasmine, and Juliet and finally meet another blogger family - Wendy, Lily, and Becky.
Such a nice afternoon. We met up at Alice's Tea cup on the upper East side and it did not disappoint.
Cute shot of all our Thai princesses. I have to laugh at Ruby sipping her "tea" here. There wasn't anything in it yet!
Such a little lady. She was all excited to go to the "big city" today and dress up.
Great pic of Jasmine and Ruby that Mireille took
Another sweet group Mireille
Ruby gives Mireille some love
The whole group after tea 
After tea, Rubes and decided to stick around. It was sooo hot, but we were what the heck! I figured we might as well walk around a bit. So we wondered over to Central Park and spent a few hours. Above, we stopped to hear a local musician. We love to hear music whenever possible!
Turned a corner and what did we see but a carnival going on! Of course, we HAD to go!
This swing thing was her favorite. Rode it 4 times!

And now for one of my fav shots of the day...
My lil angel posing in front of a big rock. Afterwards, she proceeded to climb up it in her white dress. LOL, I didn't care about the dress, but I was concerned about her climbing it so there are no pictures of that! It was just me scuttling up the rock (also in the wrong shoes/clothes) after her. Haha - I love her sense of adventure though!

A very hot, but fun day in the city! Thanks Wendy and Mireille for meeting up with us! So glad to have you as friends!


ellie said...

Looks like another wonderful summer day!!! :)

So nice that you've been able to meet up with some fellow Thai adoptive families!!!

Wendy said...

We had a GREAT time...and it was so glad to finally meet you after all this time! Let's do it again...when it's cooler!

Jessica said...

Okay, don't know how I missed this. Tea and rocking climbing what a great combination!