Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Week In Fashion

Really nothing much to talk about over here. Just same ole same. School for Ruby. Work for me (rehearsing, online marketing and the like) and work for Jeff. Housekeeping, laundry, endless amount of dishes to do... (insert over-exaggerated yawn here). Really an uneventful week except for the little miss and her fashion. So without further adu...I give you a week in fashion:
Lil sassy pants must have known how cute she looked this day. I was just dying for the 1st chilly day to put this ensemble on her.
Got those fab boots at Nordstrom Rack. Love! (And so does she).
Trying to chase the lil bug down the yard to get a picture was not easy...but fun!
"I'm faster than you-oo!" 
And yes. She was.
Finally snuck around and got her b4 she went back to hiding behind the tree. :-)
Pink outfit by Naartjie with converse pink sneakers. Love it as much as Ruby does. And Ruby LOVES her pink!
Silly lil miss in Naartjie sweat suit. Could have just gobbled her up in this. She was so cuddly and cute this day - both in looks and personality - I just wanted to play hooky, keep her home, and snuggle all day. I didn't as my better judgement got me, but, man, was I tempted. 
Bright and dotty
And today...Ruby's pick. We like our polka dots and she picked a red outfit to match her cowboy boots she wanted to wear today. Glad I bought those things big. She is wearing them OUT. Must say I love her in red. Ok, I love her in anything. My sweet lil fashionista. Is it time to pick her up yet?

Need to think of something fun to do after school today. We don't have any extra curricular activities yet and I am pulled between her boredom and not wanting to tire her out too much. So what do you do? What fun after school stuff do you do with your pre-k aged kids? Would love to hear your ideas!


Anonymous said...

I love the fashion week review. She is so stylish. We have been going a few nature walks, picking up leaves for art. We also have been painting rocks.

Jessica said...

It's still over 100 degrees here, so I'm so jealous you guys are already in fall clothes.

Those boots of Miss Ruby's - oh my! And that cozy sweat suit, hugalicious!

Mireille said...

Love love love all the outfits!! Great taste!! Well.. I don't have pre-k kids anymore, but today is Wednesday and a short day and the girls want to bake brownies... so that is what I am doing today. Maybe an idea for you as well??