Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'Tis Autumn

Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Crisp mornings. Leaves changing color. Soups, roasted veggies, gingersnaps, pumpkin pie. Fires in fireplaces. How I love this season!

We are just getting a few of those cooler mornings now and I'm so loving it. Hung up a few decorations and am getting ready for Halloween, hey rides, harvest days, Thanksgiving... all the fun this season has to offer. It's also the season of change and I love to get organized, get back in a routine, and get a fresh start with diet/exercise. I'm back to working, too, which is great. Have 2 gigs lined up in October singing with my new band. Refreshed my whole website (with the help of an awesome friend of mine). I'm marketing and selling my music again and also booked 4 trade shows. Feels good!

Ruby continues to love school. While I enjoy my free time, I sure do miss my lil bug and can't wait till she bounces out the school door and tells me all she did that day. Still trying to come up with lots of unique/fun stuff for us to do after school. Thanks for all your great suggestions on the last post! Arts & crafts and rock/leaf collecting are among her favorites. Need to find a few interesting new send any over that you love!

Last weekend we hit our 1st harvest festival with some friends. Was a nice day for the kids...and for us!
The kids were so into decorating their 1st pumpkins of the year.
A sweet lady that owns Alpaca's taught Ruby how to use a spindle to make the yarn. Well the lil Miss thought she was Sleeping Beauty. She was so into it.
Yesterday after school we got a couple more pumpkins. Starting early this year...may have quite the collection by Halloween! I love how much more creative she is getting. She calls this her rainbow pumpkin and made big stripes.
And, of course, the little pumpkin had to match.
This is the 1st time I've seen her paint something and than outline it in another color. Definitely more imagination coming out.
Left her alone for all of 5 minutes and returned to find a very green daughter. LOL, she was so cute I just started laughing. Although her arms were covered she somehow managed to not get any on the chair, the table or her face. A tiny bit in the hair. She told me "Mommy, I FROG!" LOL! Anyway...let's just say she enjoyed this thoroughly! :-)
We let all the art dry on the table overnight.
...and today I surprised her after school with it all proudly displayed. Is this great fall decor or what? To this proud Momma, it is seriously the prettiest fall art I've ever seen.
And last, but not least, are these not the snuggliest Halloween jammies ever?

Happy Fall!!!!


Jessica said...

Fall is by far my favorite season too. Love Ruby's green arms, that's some serious painting!

We do a lot with shaving cream over here. It's perfect to "paint" with in the tub. We recently dyed pasta too. Just add a few drops of food coloring and rubbing alcohol in a gallon ziploc and squish into your pasta.

Mireille said...

I love love FALL!! But in South Africa we don't really have that.... Enjoy this beautiful season!!