Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Very Special Anniversary

What a wonderful evening! The best anniversary I could have ever dreamed of. My sweet husband planned the whole thing. 1st we renewed our vows at St. Luke's.
Ruby climbed (London Bridges style) under our arms in the beginning, LOL.
She was not particularly crazy about this whole event at the attention was not on her and SHE wanted to marry Daddy. But she soon settled into her chair (after a bribe from Grandma) and was a good and patient little girl.
It was such a sweet ceremony. It was just us. Jeff & I, Ruby, and my Mom. We wanted it to be very simple and small. Reverend Trent said such beautiful words - both traditional vows and some nice prayers, too.
Here we are lighting the unity candle
To my complete surprise, Jeff wrote his own vows to me...and just blew me away.
I had prepared something for him, too.
We were both choked up. It couldn't have been more romantic or more perfect.
A real cute moment between Jeff and Ruby. Ruby got HER turn. When we were done with our vows, I asked the Reverend if he could just say something for them real quick. He said something nice about her being Daddy's girl and how she always will be - forever. Well, as you can see, it just MADE her day. I think she thinks SHE married him. So sweet. She sure loves her Daddy!
A very happy lil Rubes poses with us all at the alter.
Family shot. Was so nice to have Mom there. Jeff had planned the whole night and I didn't know any details until yesterday. Of course, I had hinted and secretly hoped. And I bought that dress for it - just in case. (Cause you know, that's how I am! It's a wonder Jeff can surprise me at all.) Anyway, it was a magical night. We all went out for an amazing dinner at The Bridgetown Mill Inn. Hubs is a class act. I thought it was so nice that he had Ruby and my Mom come with us to dinner.
The Princess was all excited when her mushroom sauce arrived in a fancy gravy server. She wasted no time dumping it all over her ravioli and gobbled it up. She was such an angel at dinner and we all enjoyed our meal by the big fireplace. Afterwards,  we dropped Mom and Ruby off at home and got our overnight bags. Yes, I said OVER NIGHT BAGS! The hubs had another surprise in store... a night at The Four Seasons!
We checked in and found this waiting for us. My brother totally hooked us up! Champagne, dessert, a decadent cheese tray and a fab bottle of red that we brought home with us today. We had a great city view in front of the square and fountain as we sipped our champagne and talked for hours.
Thank you, Jason, for the awesome spread. Thank you, Mom for taking such good care of our little Ruby. And thank you, Jeff...for being the best husband I could ask for. I'm so glad you are mine.


dawn said...

this post made me cry. Happy happy anniversary.

Jessica said...

What a beautiful anniversary - start to finish! Congratulations and, Jeff, way to go. No wonder she married you all over again.

PS - Jen, you look divine!

Mireille said...

Wow!! Your sweet hubby went all the way!! Good for you Jeff!! You know how to keep a lady happy :-)
You all look stunning, and well coordinated, Congratulations!!