Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mermaid Treasures

A lot of sleepy days and sick days over here. On the upswing now, but since I couldn't (or didn't feel like) doing much else, I crafted. Planning Ruby's birthday party each year is so much fun for me. This year's theme: Mermaids and/or Under The Sea. I am very early this year, but am so happy to have a lot of the details done already. And, hey, what is more uplifting in the winter than to day dream about seashells, birthdays, and Spring?
Lots of pretty pastel sea shells! I painted them with Martha Stewart's luscious new colors: Beach Glass, Antique Silk (pearl finish), and Wintermint (w/glitter added). I mixed and blended and then coated them all with a heavy helping of glitter glue for added shine and sparkle. So pleased with them! 
This will be the kids craft. They are wooden shells and starfish I found at Michael's. The top ones will hang on a net or string to show them examples and the rest will be painted a solid color. Will put out glitter glue and gems of all sorts to make their own. The wooden wands we did like this last year were a big hit. Still on the look out for some sharks and/or fish to make it more interesting for the boys. Yea, I know... I've got time!
Got myself a hot glue gun and reinvented Ruby's barely-worn Jasmine crown. I decided I was not going to buy another costume that will just sit in the closet and would instead buy her something in the same color palette. Something that can be worn again. But to jazz it up a bit I will layer over her aqua tutu, add this crown, and add this seashell pin...
Feel like this needs a little something yet. Maybe pearls???

Had a ball with this stuff, but now it's time to get busy around here and do all the things that have neglected since I have been down and out this week. Like laundry, taking more Christmas stuff to the basement, and rehearsing some new material for an upcoming gig (now that my voice is back again).

Happy hump day!


Jessica said...

Each of your birthday parties is going to be cuter than the last! We're party planning around here too (but race cars). You're way ahead of me though.

Glad everyone is on the mend.

Mireille said...

Glad you are better and having fun making these gorgeous party goodies!! I better start thinking of the theme... but the girls decide and they change their mind all the time, so for me it is more a last minute action! By the time Ruby has her party I will start my action plan...

Ellie said...

Sounds like you're having a lot of fun despite not feeling so great!!! Your parties are over the top! Love it! I love that you share all of your details, too. That way I can pretend I'm there :)

What's a happy hump day?! :)

Maci Miller said...

haha, Ellie. They call it over the hump (or hump day for Wed) when you get past mid week.