Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny Sightings

                                                    1st visit this our local mall.
Bunny breakfast at 3 Arches last weekend. All the egg hunts were rained out so we were so excited the bfast was still on.
Funny balloon blower had Ruby laughing
...And made her a daisy to match her jacket. She was thrilled.
The lil miss is very serious about her rainbow.
Friends having fun together.
The boys had fun" shooting" at all that girlieness
Cameron, Ruby, and Ava. Sweet, sweet girls.
Rubes.... a bit sugared up and having a ball.
Later (at home) we did an egg craft.
Lil miss loves her crafting.
Proud lil miss posing with her egg garland.
Today at our friends annual neighborhood egg hunt. (With good friend Ava.)
Hostess with the mostess, Charlsey, telling the rules while the kids wait eagerly behind the line.
Rube poses with our sweet neighborhood bunny
Daddy sipping a mimosa while Rubes happily chows down a cake pop. Both happy.
Tired, but happy little bug after painting.
Egg artwork. Love it!
Sparkley eggs
Happy lil girl jumping in the shot I was taking of her art on the wall.
It was a good day.  Last, but not least, here is our official bunny shot. The mall had a "bring your animals in" night we couldn't resist. So, here are my girls: the sweet almost 5 year old one and the sweet fuzzy one!


Mireille said...

So fun these Easter shots! Almost 5 how time flies, mine almost 10, so this year double the age :-)

Jessica said...

Sweet Ruby looks like she's having a blast in all of these. Is she wearing bunny boots too? To die for!

We never made it to the bunny once. Impressed at the # of times you did.