Monday, March 31, 2008

A Gem Called Ruby

Ruby Kate 
Born: April 11th
Birthplace: Nakhon Si Tammarat, Thailand

  • Name Meaning: A precious gem. 
  • Middle Name:  After my beautiful Gram, Katherine (Kate)
  • Thai Name: Suphawadi
  • Thai Name Meaning: Supha = beautiful, Wadi = calm and peaceful. (Can also mean "good lady" if broken down as Su-good, pha=light , wadi= lady)
  • Sign: Aries 
  • Aries Personality: Full of energy, vivacious, very affectionate. Hungers for mental & spiritual responsibility. As a baby can be stubborn and need full attention. (watch out world, you have another ME on your hands!)
  • Chinese Zodiac: 2007 was The Year of the Red/Fire Pig. Very lucky year. Happens only once every 600 years.
  • Pig Personality:  Mild tempered, enjoys food & sleeping, doesn't worry much, active, outgoing, & extroverted.
  • Lucky Color for Aries: Red
  • Lucky Gemstone: Bloodstone (opaque green stone with red flecks) - stone of courage, vitality, & strength.
  • Birthstone: Diamond - stone of purity, love, & strength.
  • Flower: Geranium
  • Lucky Color by birth day of the week (custom in Thailand) - Wed = Green.
  • Lucky Number: 9 - The highest single digit & the most holy according to various cultures, religions & numerology.
The day she was born: Wednesday, April 11th. Average temperature that day in Thailand was 94F. There was 3/4 full moon in the sky heading towards the new moon on the 17th. 

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