Saturday, March 29, 2008


(Except from my personal journal, March 29th, 2008)

I woke up this morning to pictures of the Songkhla Orphanage! Don't you just love the internet? My mind is still going overtime and I didn't sleep much. I said a long, hard prayer to protect this child and to give Jeff and I absolute certainty that this is supposed to be our child. My wish was granted.

I checked my email and had several emails from this wonderful woman from Australia describing her journey to her boys, the orphanage, the staff there and how great they are, and answers to many of my questions. What a Godsend this woman is and what a sign that this is meant to be!

Another interesting thing that happened was while I was working. I was helping to operate the simulator ride at our booth. A beautiful family with a Chinese daughter was in line. I couldn't help myself. I had to say hello and gush about our adoption and how we may have a daughter, etc. The mom was so incredibly nice and excited to hear about it. I told her that they said she had slight delayed development and that I was a little nervous, but knew she was to be our daughter. She said slight delays? That's nothing! She asked if we saw a picture and I explained that our agency won't show us her pic until we see the medical report and that will take 3 weeks. They don't want families falling in love with a picture and then finding out about their medical conditions and changing their minds. She said "well, we DID fall in love with her picture and nearly fell over when we got the medical report" That darling girl had all sorts of health issues and was "said" to be SEVERELY delayed. Turns out she did need a heart operation, but is in great health now. She rapidly caught up after being home and loved and is no longer behind at all! She said she is now happy, healthy and thriving (at 3) and she was so glad she didn't listen to those who were worried about delays. She recommended a great doctor in NY that works only with internationally adopted kids. Her name is Jane Aronson and I have heard of her. Think we will use her to review the medical when we get it in.

So, wow. If that wasn't the sign I needed, I don't know what is! The message was loud and clear. She is our daughter and it's all going to be okay.

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