Friday, March 28, 2008

We Might Have A Baby!!!!

I have to tell someone what is happening. I feel like I may burst! We might have a little girl and I am not supposed to get excited yet. How? It could be weeks yet until we get information and I am on pins and needles. Here is what happened...

(An excerpt from my personal journal - March 28, 2008)
My head is reeling. My heart is racing. Could this be real? We were told the wait for a child was 2-3 years and yet TODAY - only 4 months after we started - we may already know who our child is!

I am working the NY Auto Show this week. I get a message from Jeff  around 5 pm to call him right away. I didn't get off until 6. I didn't have any official breaks left, but I had a funny feeling about it and called him right away while on the show floor. He said he had gotten an email from Andrea, our case worker with Wacap. She is in Thailand and said she has seen a lot of new kids lately. Jeff had written to say "does that mean the waiting time might be less?" She wrote back to say, "No, the Thai Red Cross program is still currently 2-3 years for a healthy infant girl, but if you are interested, there is a little girl we saw today, her name is S---------- and she has slight delayed development, but is otherwise healthy. She is 11 months old and you could possibly have her home in 10-12 months."  

WHAT???? OMG!!! I nearly dropped the phone my hand was trembling so bad. I ran off the show floor half in shock, half crying, and still trying to wrap my head around this incredible information. Jeff repeated it for me. Like 5 times. I am in the restroom by now and my dear friend Tammy ran in to see if I was okay. Another co-worker saw me run in there crying and thought something was wrong and told her to check on me. I let her know I was okay and asked Jeff to repeat it all once again. Jeff wrote her back immediately, of course, and said "YES! We want her! Send us information asap!" He knew my response would be the same. Instantly we both knew this was our child even though we know very little about her.

We think she is from Songkhla, a province in the south of Thailand. I asked on the Thai Adopt Yahoo group if anyone had ever adopted from there. Nothing yet. So I just wait and think some more. I have been sitting in my room for hours still trying to digest it all. We hadn't thought about special needs. What exactly does slight delayed development mean? I am a little scared and yet I KNOW this is supposed to be my child. Dear God, please let me be right! 

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